New Doug Means Project!

New Doug Means Project!

Straight out of Long Beach, CA, the funky blend of rock, reggae & hip hop that is the Doug Means Project, is set to release their next album titled 2.0. It features a slew of guest appearances by Rome Ramirez (of Sublime with Rome), Demus, Toko Tasi, Jeremy from Meet Me at the Pub, Kat Nestal, and I Timothy on Trombone from the Untouchables.

This new release also has a couple bonus tracks from the final Nobody Cares EP (Doug Means old group), and a unreleased song with Toko Tasi and Mic Dangerously from Zen Robbi. The first 11 tracks were recorded over at 17th st. Studio with Lewis Richards.

Here’s what Doug Means told The Pier about the new album..
“I’ve noticed that it’s very easy to write lyrics dwelling on the negative aspects of life. It’s much more difficult to write lyrics that uplift out of negativity. When writing lately, I’ve been focusing on not complaining about problems, and instead attempting to find solutions. I have a lot of respect for artists that are able to do this with their music. For a while, DMP’s style was headed in more of a rock direction. Over the last bit of time, we’ve been getting back to our reggae roots. Right now, we are getting ready to hit the live show circuit harder than ever. I have a two year old son now. I was taking a small hiatus from the scene while I was hanging out with my family. During this time, I wrote some of the songs that are on this record (DMP 2.0), and songs that are unreleased that will be released in the future (DMP 3.0). I’m stoked on all the growth lately in the Rock Reggae scene and give props to all the bands doing this right now. Respect to The Pier for everything they do for the scene.”
-Doug Means

Check out DMP on tour this Summer!
July 9th @ Bixby Knolls Dragster Expo. Long Beach, CA
July 17th @ The OC Fair. 88 Fair Dr. Costa Mesa, CA
August 4th @ CD Release Party on a Boat!. Long Beach, CA.
August 8th @ Der Hinterhof Beer Garden. Leavenworth, WA
August 11th @ The Robin Hood Pub. Union, WA.
August 12th @ Vie de Boheme. Portland, OR
August 13th @ Twilight Room. Portland, OR
August 14th @ Coffee Adventures & then The Showdown. San Francisco, CA

Here is the music video to The Hole from DMP’s 1.0 album