New Interview & Album Review!

New Interview & Album Review!

The Pier was fortunate enough to catch up in an interview with Matisyahu’s backing group, Dub Trio just a few days after Matis shaved his beard, while Tommy Dubs released his second album in 2 weeks with the Review & Star Rating posted. Lets check it out…

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Tommy Dubs – Manana Del Sol

“Tomorrow The Sun is the literal translation of Tommy Dubs companion album following Take What You Want, which was released yester week. With the companion album Manana Del Sol, Tommy Dubs ventured deeper into the dub genre, implementing echoic but heavy drum progressions and other psychedelic effects…” READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

Exclusive Interview w/DUB TRIO

“Don’t let their name fool you; Dub Trio has more of a dub soul than a dub sound. They keep dub at the heart of the music, but wrap it with the sounds of metal, rock and punk. Over the past decade bassist Stu Brooks, guitarist DP Holmes and drummer Joe Tomino have evolved through many styles and eventually morphed into a band that has found a way to cleanly blend them all…” READ MORE
-Interviewed by: Brian Turk