New Long Beach Dub Allstars Music After 16 Years

New Long Beach Dub Allstars Music After 16 Years

Before 2017 came to an end, Long Beach Dub Allstars released new music for the first time in 16 years around an evolving line-up that was only punctuated by the live performances that closed out the year. All of this sets up for an exciting 2018 that sees the group eyeing to release a full-length record as detailed by the Boss DJ, Marshall Goodman.
The New line-up of Long Beach Dub Allstars includes Marshall Goodman on Drums, Ed Kampwirth on bass, Miguel Happoldt on guitar/vocals, Jack Maness on keys/vocalss, Roger Rivas on keys/organ, Tim Wu on Sax/Flute with lead vocals and art by Opie Ortiz.

Former Sublime drummer, Bud Gaugh and bassist, Eric Wilson are no longer active with the group. Neither is former guitarist/vocalist Ras-1.

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I reached out to Marshall to discuss the new songs around a new line-up to which he replied: “The Long Beach Dub Allstars have always had a wide range of writing sources being that we have been a group that features many of our favorite artists and friends. With the current line-up of the band, we are fortunate to have Roger Rivas and Ed Kampwirth who each have contributed their strengths to our new material.”

On October 2nd, 2017, Long Beach Dub Allstars released their first material of music with new single “Holding Out” and it’s b-side, “Steady Customer.” This was the first time since the release of their sophomore drop of Wonders of the World on 9/11/2001, yeah that day, that we’ve heard them put out new material. Both new tracks have a jazzy, bluesy, roots reggae feel to it. You can hear Roger Rivas contributions right away as the song even sounds like a cross between The Aggrolites and the ‘Dub Allstars.

When discussing the track, Marshall tells The Pier: “Roger Rivas wrote the body and riffs for ‘Steady Customer’ and the rest of us did our parts RogerRivas_LBDAfor the recording. I’m really looking forward to having Roger involved in this next batch of song writing. I’m certain we are going to come up with some exciting new angles to deliver our sound.”

The group plans to a release a 12-14 track record later this summer. There’s planned guest appearances, including that of Pipe from the Wailing Souls whom they performed “Pawn Shop” live with during their run of shows this past November.

In discussing a new ‘Dub Allstars album, Marshall shares: “This album will be similar to the previous LBDA albums but different, in that we write music based on our experiences and influences–lifelong as well as current. The writing and recording formula will be the same with different topics that will be relevant to our current states of life. It will have that definitive Long Beach Dub Allstars pocket, some tongue & cheek as well as some socially-relevant songs, and some great and influential featured artists. We’re aiming for it to be another work for the annals of the Southern California music scene.”

You can stream their new single “Holding Out” and “Steady Customer” via Spotify or own it via iTunes by clicking HERE! To get a jump on their upcoming shows, click HERE!

Listen: Long Beach Dub Allstars – “Holding Out / Steady Customer”

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Article by: Mike Patti
Photos by: David Norris