New RAC release coming in April

New RAC release coming in April

From Glendale, AZ. RAC is a group thats been spitting out a collective fusion of Reggae, Surf & Punk since 2004. It’s been since their 2008 release of Heavy that the group has put out an album and on April 9th, 2011 RAC will be releasing a 7 track EP titled In.Hab.I.Tants.

As mentioned in our Most Anticipated Albums of 2011 article, the EP is self produced and recorded out of Fertile Panda studio in Glendale, AZ. This release will feature the new line up of the group with the addition of new vocalist Thomas O’Brien as its the first time T.O.B. will be featured on all of the tracks.

When The Pier asked Thomas O’Brien the meaning of the EP title, he said It’s all about your various surroundings. Being different places, seeing different people, and seeing things change throughout the world.

New tracks Flourish & Valley of the Scum have been confirmed for the EP. The song Flourish was featured on the The Pier Comp. Vol. 1. Valley of the Scum was first released on the Sense Boardwear Acoustic Comp, both available inside The Pier Store .

While this isn’t the officially released Album Cover by RAC, its a sneak peak at what to expect. Bailey Flynn, who did the cover art for Heavy has also done the cover art for the new EP In.Hab.I.Tants. Check out the 7 songs to be on RAC’s new EP!

RAC – In.Hab.I.Tants. EP

  • Flourish
  • Valley of the Scum
  • Lotus Flower
  • Seduction Groove
  • Year . 5
  • Amsterdub
  • Valley of the Scum (Acoustic)

  • You can pick up RAC’s second release, Heavy, that features a guest appearance by NoNeedz, by clicking HERE.
    RAC is also featured on the Sense Boardwear compilations that are also available inside The Pier Store.

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