New Sizzla Album Out Now!

New Sizzla Album Out Now!

Sizzla Kalonji hasn’t gone a year without releasing at least one studio album since 1997, and lo and behold he won’t be breaking that streak any time soon. Sizzla’s latest album, The Scriptures, is dropping digitally today, June 14 and physically next Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Track Listing:
1.) World Cry
2.) The World is Watching (feat. Peter Jackson)
3.) In Jamaica
4.) Cleanse My Soul
5.) Let It Be
6.) Jah Is My Shield
7.) Scriptures
8.) What A Whoa
9.) God Bless You Mama
10.) Jump For Joy
11.) I Love You
12.) Happy Birthday
13.) Music in My Soul

A devout adherent to the Bobo Ashanti Branch of Rastafari, Sizzla began his music career over a decade ago in Kingston, Jamaica. He’s gained widespread critical and commercial acclaim as a leading member of the new wave of Rastafari, a group of reggae musicians committed to bringing reggae music ever closer to it’s spiritual roots in Rastafarianism and conscious subject matter.

The Scriptures, produced by Lloyd “John John” James, Jr., son of King Jammy, features a continuation of Sizzla’s spiritual assault against Babylon. Charged with Rasta spirit and a fiery social conscience, Sizzla addresses a multitude of political/social issues abound in not only Jamaica, but also on a global scale. Oppression of the Black Nation, the disenfranchisement of ghetto youth, and the all-corrupting influence of Babylon permeate the album’s lyrics as Sizzla urges the world to stand up and reclaim the path of righteousness.

Stay tuned to The Pier for more on Sizzla’s new album and a few words from the man himself. The Scriptures is currently available at all major online retail outlets.

Chris Castro