New Whiskey Avengers Single & Video

New Whiskey Avengers Single & Video

Presiding in the dormant pits of the San Francisco Bay Area, renegade Reggae and Rocksteady outfit the Whiskey Avengers are on the cusp of their third full length album ‘Dead Man Rockin.’. As a teaser, Whiskey Avengers have released a new single titled “Uncle Sam” & video as a taste of whats to come…

Staying true to their origins of traditional Jamaican style Ska and Rocksteady mixed with West-Coast Reggae, they have seamlessly infused a new blend of Rock, Soul and Folk Americana that lends itself to multiple generations of castaways and bad apples.

They continue to shine a match light on the dark corners of clubs and city streets with fatalistic tales of doom, debauchery, tough love, and redemption set to memorable melodies that happily haunt all those who dare sing along. Entirely self-produced and recorded, this time they have teamed up with legendary studio engineer Michael Rosen to spit shine their sound creating a seemingly unstoppable independent musical force. The Whiskey Avengers continue to strong-arm one unsuspecting fan at a time with tantalizing true grit that defines the grassroots American voice.

Their new single “Uncle Sam” is what the group described to The Pier as “Highly political, comparing our Gov’t to a deadbeat uncle who comes into your life way too late”. The group chose this song to be featured in their new music video that was shot by 151 films and it was shot in a warehouse in downtown San Jose, CA. In a continued statement by the group, they described the music video being“Intended to reflect the greed & carelessness of each (political) administration”

Here’s the official music video to the new song “Uncle Sam” by Whiskey Avengers