New Zen Robbi Acoustic Album!

New Zen Robbi Acoustic Album!

Zen Robbi was founded on the three-piece talents of Mic Dangerously (vocals, guitar), Scotty Hollywood (drums) and Timmy “Too Tall” (bass, vocals), cutting off their piece of the ever-evolving Los Angeles music scene. The trio has brought their own unique sound, witty lyrics and unbelievable musical talent with funk, blues and rock overtones since 2004.

After releasing three previous full-length albums titled, “Company”, “Pawn Gone King” and “Heavy Lies the Crown”, the trio has hit the studio once again to expand their progressive sound.

Aside from basing their music off of a three-piece band, Zen Robbi is set to release their latest piece of art after the New Year titled, “Lovely in the Middle: An Acoustic Collection”. The album features notable accompanying musicians from the Southern California music scene, including Micah Brown – Slide Guitar/Dobro on “Champagne”, Josh Fischel – Back Up Vocals on “ByGones”. If thats not enough, there’s further appearances courtesy of Todd Forman on the Saxophone (Sublime with Rome, Dirty Heads), Jamie Bullock on Organ (formerly of International Farmers), Kris Jackson, also on organ, along with Max O’leary on trumpet and Josh Molle on Trombone, both of the Mike Pinto Band. Brian Perske also adds to the ensemble playing the Saxophone with Lara Beers contributing as female background vocals.

Starting on December 12th, Zen Robbi will be releasing three songs, one per week, until the official release on January 3rd, 2012 via Zen Robbi’s bandcamp page. Fans can get all the songs by going to their website event and following the instructions listed on Zen Robbi Facebook

But, before doing so, The Pier has a sneak peak at what to expect from Zen Robbi’s Acoustic Collection with the song called “Dance With Me”. Todd Forman gave a little insight into what to expect from this track and many more on the upcoming album:
Track Listing
1.) Lovely In The Middle
2.) Cornucopia
3.) Revolution Avenue (Mexicoma)
4.) Dance With Me
5.) Lover’s Cove
6.) Champagne
7.) Chingale
8.) Mustaches Are Good for Business
9.) St. Dangerously
10.) Bygones

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“Sometimes the stars align, and the right sounds are made at the right time by righteous artists. The men of ZEN know where it’s at, and I’m proud to have added some baritone flava to the mix on ‘Dance With Me.’ SO tastey! Enjoy
and spread the joy!”
-Todd Forman

From just that quote alone, this album is a must listen, containing ten tracks with a full, expansive band. However, take a sneak peak for yourself and as Todd said, “Enjoy and spread the joy!”

Article By: Kris Siuta