No Doubt’s Debut Record Turns Twenty Five with New Vinyl

No Doubt’s Debut Record Turns Twenty Five with New Vinyl

No Doubt’s debut self-titled record officially turned 25-years-old on March 17th from when it was originally released in 1992. On Nov 10th, 2017 Universal Music Group celebrated the 25th anniversary of No Doubt’s original release by putting out a sparkling new vinyl edition of the album which happens to be the first time the album can be enjoyed on vinyl.

Everyone has a starting point and this was No Doubt’s. In March of 1992 the group released their first album at a time in which the music scene was featuring number 1 songs from Sir Mix-A-Lot, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Vanessa Williams. On the other side of the musical spectrum, you had grunge music exploding with bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, and Stone Temple Pilots. In a small pocket was a Ska movement trying to skank its way to make room into your speakers. No Doubt led that charge along with groups like Suburban Rhythm, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Sublime, who also released 40oz to Freedom that same year. No Doubt Vinyl

The original line-up of No Doubt at the time of their debut release included Gwen Stefani on vocals, her brother Eric Stefani on keyboards, guitarist Tom Dumont, bassist Tony Kanal and drummer Adrian Young. The group’s debut album, No Doubt, was the first record of what would send them on track to release their legendary discography that includes The Beacon Street Collection (March 1995), Tragic Kingdom (October 1995), Return of Saturn (April 2011), Rock Steady (December 2001) and Push and Shove (Sept. 2012).

The LP will be pressed on high-quality 180-gram vinyl and 100 copies of the limited edition color vinyl have been personally signed by the entire original line-up with exclusive limited-edition colored-vinyl versions being available through No Doubt’s official website along with online retail sites uDiscover and The Sound of Vinyl. In addition to the album’s original front cover art, the back cover of the new vinyl edition features a never-before-seen band photo from the original photo session by photographer Chris Cuffaro making this an exciting grab for collectors & No Doubt enthusiasts.

These days, Gwen Stefani continues to pursue a solo career while the rest of her band-mates formed a new band with AFI frontman Davey Havok called Dreamcar where they just released their debut self-titled album on May 12th, 2017. Until we see an authentic reunion of No Doubt and their sound, we can continue to celebrate them with a spin using your newest needle on the old record player with their debut albums first vinyl pressing of their first album.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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