NOFX, Fat Wreck to Bring Back ‘Live in a Dive’ with ‘Ribbed’

NOFX, Fat Wreck to Bring Back ‘Live in a Dive’ with ‘Ribbed’

NOFX announced the August 3rd release of a live version of their 1991 studio album Ribbed, as the newest addition to the Live in a Dive series. The live album includes the same tracking and same order as the 1991 studio album. Track 5, “Just the Flu,” is currently the only song available for streaming.

This will be the 8th addition to Fat Wreck Chord’s Live in a Dive series, which started in 2001 with a No Use For a Name compilation of live songs. Since then, the San Francisco-based record company has released Live in a Dive compilations for Bracket, Sick Of It All, Strung Out, Subhumans, Swingin’ Utters, and Lagwagon. Ribbed NOFX

Ribbed will mark the first Live in a Dive release since 2005, with Fat Wreck’s official website calling it the “triumphant return” of the live album series. There is no definite word on who will carry the torch after NOFX, but the possibility of more additions to the series seems likely.

In years past, Live in a Dive records have been compilations of songs from different albums, much like a normal show would go for a band of any genre. This live take of Ribbed will be the first time a Live in a Dive record covers an album in its entirety.

Ribbed was the last NOFX album to be produced by Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, Epitaph Records). This is also the last album to feature Steve Kidwiller on lead guitar. Shortly after the release of Ribbed, NOFX would bring on Aaron Abetya, better known as El Hefe, to fill the void at guitar. He remains with NOFX today and is also responsible for trumpet, both on stage and in studio.

When released, the album will be available in digital, CD, and LP formats — Follow The Pier for continuing updates on NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords! Catch NOFX this summer at their Punk In Drublic festival, or on other tour dates that you can find below:

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Article by: Aidan Leddy

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