November 2013 Album Releases

November 2013 Album Releases

This lull between Halloween & Thanksgiving is the perfect time to either relax before the hectic holidays invade your life, or do a bit of early shopping. Whether you just want to lay back & listen to some new tunes, or get that perfect gift for a friend The Pier, has you covered with 10 new release dropping this month.

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    November 2013 Album Releases

    Beebs and Her Money Makers- How to Start a Dance Party…
    Release Date: November 1st

    After performing on the most recent Vans Warped Tour and touring the country supporting Reel Big Fish, the Ska-Funk-Soul outfit Beebs and Her Money Makers have dropped their third release titled, How To Start A Dance Party…. Produced by Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish this release is composed of 5 tracks, including one that features Aaron Barrett, as well as an excellent Ska cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

    You can pick up How to Start a Dance Party… on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Eek A Mouse – Eek-Ology: Reggae Anthology
    Release Date: November 5th
    Jamaica’s Eek-A-Mouse, born Ripton Joseph Hylton, has released his 2 CD+DVD Reggae Anthology, aptly titled, Eek-Ology via 17 North Parade. It’ll include 33 songs, 3 of which are available for the first time & 7 being made available for the first time on CD.

    The Anthology includes a selection of his essential and classic hits and rarities from the prime of his career. It features early recordings, such as his 1979 breakthrough anthem “Once a Virgin”, “Modelling Behavior” and his string of ’80s hits with producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes with songs that include “Virgin Girl,” “Wild Like a Tiger,” “For Hire and Removal,” “Do You Remember” and “Ganja Smuggling”. There also a selection of rarities, including Eek-A-Mouse’s earliest releases “Creation,” “My Father’s Land” and “No Wicked Can’t Reign,” all making their CD debut.

    Also included, is a bonus DVD which features a live stage performance from Jamaica Sunfest 1982 plus additional bonus material.

    Read more about the album by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up Eek-Ology: Reggae Anthology now, by clicking HERE!

    Inna Vision – Live At Imperial Sound Studios EP
    Release Date: November 5th
    On November 5th, the 4-piece band out of Hawaii known as Inna Vision released their latest project, “Live at Imperial Sound Recording Studio.” Linking up with fellow Roots musician and producer, E.N Young, the tracks were recorded in one session to help capture that natural roots-reggae sound.

    Presented by Roots Musician Records, the live 5-track EP was released as a follow up to their 3rd full-length album, “No Stopping.” According to the band, “This EP is represented as one of the many bridges between Hawaii Reggae and the American Reggae Movement.”

    With their positive outlooks and extreme passion for music, Inna Vision is re-born to create a one of a kind sound that E.N Young describes as a “BIG sound for only being a four piece.” He adds, “It was a pleasure working with such a tight, positive group of guys that are keeping roots reggae moving. Inna Vision came into the studio and executed like true professionals.”

    Read more about the EP by clicking HERE!.

    You can pick up Live At Imperial Sound Studios EP on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Passafire- Vines
    Release Date: November 12th
    After the success of Passafire’s last release, Start From Scratch, fans have been anxiously awaiting new music from the group since they initially let word slip that new music was in the works.

    Back in August Passafire sent waves through the Reggae-Rock community, announcing the band would be joining Easy Star Records for the release of Passafire’s fifth full length studio album. On Nov. 12th, Passafire released that new album, titled Vines.

    Passafire prides themselves on pushing the boundaries of reggae and rock. With Vines the group continues their progressive rock even further. Mixed once again by infamous producer Paul Leary, the 13 NEW tracks include Passafire poignant blend of rock, metal, folk, reggae, and synthesizers.

    Passafire vocalist and guitarist Ted Bowne explains the album by saying “…As the years progress, our stylistic preferences change and intertwine to a point where the music becomes tighter like ‘Vines’ growing around each other over a long period of time.”

    Read more about the album by clicking HERE!

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    You can pick up Vines on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Keller Williams- Funk
    Release Date: November 12th
    It’s going to get Funky on November 12 with the release of Keller’s new album, titled simply, Funk. A 10-track live album featuring his newest project, a 6-piece funk band called ‘More Than A Little,’ Funk was recorded live at Norva and the National in Virgina, and the Neighborhood Theatre in North Carolina.

    Keller Williams is a truly unique artist. One that you can’t quite pin down to a certain sound, as the musician is capable of performing any style of music, and performing very well, looping together an unimaginable combination of sounds that are sure to stir up any crowd. In the recent past this performer has composed wide array of releases. From a children’s album, to a Grateful Dead tribute, to a bluegrass piece. Now to the excitment of many of his fans, Keller dives into the funk genre.

    His new release, Funk, is the groovalicious collection of Keller originals and unexpected covers slathered in a sauce so funky that it will scorch your hot pants. So prepare for some truly funkalicious grooves that will make your bootay shake ’til your pick pops out of your ‘fro.

    You can pick up Funk now, by clicking HERE!

    Less Than Jake- See The Light
    Release Date: November 12th
    November 12, 2013 marks the release of Less Than Jake’s second full length LP on Fat Wreck Chords entitled See The Light.

    See The Light features 13 new tracks promising disappointment for those expecting retreads and repeats. The band has already released one song from the new album called “My Money Is On The Long Shot” & the song, drummer Vinnie Fiorello, advised The Pier to pay attention to. It features bass player Roger Manganelli on vocals along with traditional upbeat guitar, tempo changes, and poetic lyrics one would expect from the Florida based ska band. The group claims the album is the closest thing to the band’s old school sound.

    Drummer Vinnie Fiorello and their tour manager, Matt Yonker, both said if you liked ‘GNV FLA’ then you are going to love ‘See The Light’. The album is available on CD, vinyl, and digital download with sale packages available with t-shirts and limited edition treats.

    Read more about the album by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up See The Light now, by clicking HERE!

    Perro Bravo – Smoking Scorpion Tales
    Release Date: November 12th

    Mike “Miguel” Happoldt, is know by many as a guitarist for Sublime ‘91 to ‘93, as well as a producer for the 40oz to Freedom and Sublime album. Happoldt is was also part of Long Beach Dub All Stars and produced albums for Slightly Stoopid.

    Now the co-owner of Skunk Records is playing in the California base band called Perro Bravo, a group that also features Greg Lowther, formerly of Falling Idols, and Mike Long. After handing out copies at several shows over the past few month the long awaited 2nd LP from Perro Bravo is finally officially available. The record includes 10 tracks, and features Slightly Stoopid’s Kyle McDonald on the single “The Neighbour Hoods.” Fans may also be thrilled to know that the cover art for this release was illustrated by Opie Ortiz, artist of the iconic Sublime sun.

    You can pick up Smoking Scorpion Tales now, by contacting Fingerprints Music HERE!

    British Dependency- Finding Wisdom
    Release Date: November 19th
    Hailing from the British Isle of Anguilla, British Dependency brings Root, Heart, Soul to Reggae music by fusing various genres with their three piece ensemble, drum, guitar and bass. Their unique and eclectic sound appeals not only to those with perceptive musical appreciation but also those who are avid reggae fans.

    With their mantra, “Creating music that reflects originality, talent, togetherness, bravery and wisdom. Our Music, Our Future, Our Independence,” British Dependency will release their third album, Finding Wisdom, on November 19, 2013. Produced byTed Bowne of Passafire at Tuff Gong Records in Kingston, Jamaica, this new record features 10 new tracks.

    Read more about the album by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up Finding Wisdom on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Mishka- The Journey
    Release Date: November 19th

    Tuesday November 19th, the Caribbean’s own Mishka, released The Journey, his new 12 track album produced by Dean Pond and distributed through Jimmy Buffett’s Mailboat Records. Mishka’s Journey has taken him full circle, from an independent singer songwriter, to major label fame, through the bright lights of Hollywood, and finally right back home, where he is at his best, in the Islands, creating his own sound, with artistic integrity and full creative control over his craft.

    After releasing four full-length albums to date, Mishka is making a fresh start, for the first time since 1998, when he starting recording music, Mishka has recorded an independent album. All along Mishka has been writing, performing, and rehearsing the songs that would become The Journey. Returning to his creative roots, fully independent and totally in control of his art and career, The Journey is a statement of where Mishka has been and where he is going.

    You can pick up Finding Wisdom on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Various Artists- Music Unites – Reggae Around The World Vol.2
    Release Date: November 26th
    The Reggae music community has come together once again to bring you Music Unites – Reggae Around The World, Volume 2. The compilation features another 30 tracks showcasing some of the best reggae artists around the world “…coming together for a cause bigger than ourselves.”

    On Tuesday, November 26th, the second installment of Reggae Around The World is set for release to the world! With the success of Volume 1 reaching #2 on the iTunes Reggae Charts and #6 on the Billboard Reggae Charts, it was only natural to come back with an even bigger line-up for Volume 2.

    Although the newest compilation brought back some artists from the 1st release, many new bands have been added to help launch the next album. Debut artists for Volume 2 include John Brown’s Body, Groundation, House of Shem, Beyond I Sight with Gonzo, Fear Nuttin Band, Iration, New Kingston, The Movement and more!

    Reggae Around The World, Vol. 2 and the people behind it have once again come together to raise money towards bringing music education to underprivileged children in underfunded inner city school systems. With an amazing project behind such a great cause, it has not been difficult to find bands that are interested in contributing to the greater good. As a result, you can expect there to be more compilations to be released in the future.

    Read more about the album by clicking HERE!
    You can pick up Reggae Around The World, Vol. 2 on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Article By: Aaron Solomon

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