October 2013 Album Releases

October 2013 Album Releases

This October delivers an impressive collection of new record releases. The Reggae-Rock genre has a few cool records dropping, and the mainstream is full of highly anticipated releases from acts such as Pearl Jam, The Avett Brothers, and even one from Sir Paul McCartney, just to name a few.

Speaking of McCartney, his ‘New’ album is truly great, definitely a must listen. However, those looking for for something with more of a Reggae sound should check out this months release of HEMP! Reggae Tribute to The Beatles Vol.II. Among the Beatles tribute album, this month features several other releases that are not the typical full length studio albums. Unique records like My Shadow Pages, a solo-project from 311’s Nick Hexum as well as the Dirty Heads all acoustic release, and a remix compilation of many of the genres favorite artists.

These are all excellent albums, so be sure to check out these 7 new releases dropping this month.

If there are any albums we missed, drop them in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter.

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    October 2013 Album Releases

    Nick Hexum Quintet – My Shadow Pages
    Release Date: October 1
    Known by many as vocalist/guitarist for rock-fusion band 311, Nick Hexum has recently released, My Shadow Pages, the debut record from his new solo-side project fromThe Nick Hexum Quintet.

    With this project Hexum has developed an outlet for musical expressions that deviates from the heavier Alternative Rock riffs of 311. This exciting new side project, allows the musician to experiment in additional genres. Sounds from laid-back rock, as well as funk, jazz and pop, unified in a jam-like ensemble.

    Discussing the project, Hexum told The Pier, “I wanted to have an outlet that had a different arrangement with saxophone and B3 and more keyboards and more Jazz tones. There’s no heavy anything on the entire album, it’s much more laid back, it’s more chill and funky and lighter than heavy, and you know, 311 does heavy great so I wanted to explore something different.”

    Released October 1st, the 13 tracks of My Shadow Pages were recorded in Los Angeles with producer Jim Scott. The record will be distributed in partnership with INgrooves/Fontana and, Hexum’s own label, What Have You Records.

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  • You can pick up My Shadow Pages on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!
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    Dub Architect – – Dub Remix Comp. Vol 2
    Release Date: October 1
    The idea of compilations had been a driving force in Reggae since its inception. So its good to see that there’s been a flurry of reggae compilations being released & Dub Architect’s has released the second volume of an all Remix collection.

    Dub Architect is a producer, dub engineer, and musician hailing from the DC/VA area specializing in writing, arranging, performance, recording & production. The DUB Comp Vol. 2 was mastered by Mike Caplan at Lion & Fox Recording Studios in Washington DC.

    The 12 track album features notable artists such as Dubmatix ft. Luciano, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, and Fear Nuttin Band ft. Jacob Hemphill and Byrd of SOJA (on organ and drums respectively), while also showcasing such international talents as The Riverside Rockers (Japan), Destroy DC (UK), and TALAWA (Costa Rica).

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  • You can pick up Dub Remix Comp. Vol 2 on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!
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    Jelly of the Month Club – – Introducing Jelly of the Month Club
    Release Date: October 8
    Jelly of the Month Club is: Bud Gaugh (famed drummer from Sublime); Capt. Dr. Todd (horns and keys from Sublime & Sublime with Rome); Bert Susanka (lead singer from the legendary surf-punk band the Ziggens); Mic Dangerously (lead singer and guitarist from the funk rock band Zen Robbi); and Mr. Crumb (lead singer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from his own alternative rock group, Mr. Crumb).

    Featuring 5 veterans in the music scene, JOTMC describes their musical style as “Bluesy punky surfy gypsy swing.” Once the band solidified, they began writing with a focus on some good, clean, G-Rated music for the whole family. Mic Dangerously adds in “Yes, Jelly of the Month Club is a band that plays music for children, but trust me when I say it is fun for the whole family, I promise you’ll dig it too Mom and Dad!”

    Their debut album, “Introducing: Jelly Of The Month Club,” dropped on Tuesday, October 8th. The release features 11 tracks that were mixed and produced by Mic Dangerously at Hollywoodstock Studios, his home studio in Long Beach, California.

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  • You can pick up – Introducing Jelly of the Month Club on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!
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    SkillinJah – Riddim Jockey EP
    Release Date: October 22
    On Tuesday, October 22nd, GanJah Records’ very own, Skillinjah, will drop a new EP! The release embodies 6 tracks and will be titled, “Riddim Jockey” featuring guest appearances by Josh Heinrichs & Lance Sitton. The Riddim Jockey EP was recorded in 2 separate locations in the state of Missouri, home of GanJah Records. A few tracks were recorded and produced at fellow GanJah artist, Lance Sitton’s home studio in Springfield, while the other tracks were brought to life at Richard “Richmo” Faught’s studio in Kansas City.

    Out of all 6 tracks, Skillinjah chose 2 as his personal favorites off the EP. Although he believes the entire EP to be solid work, his favorites are “Riddim Jockey” and “Doobie” which features guest appearances from Lance Sitton along with Skillinjah’s right hand man and creator of GanJah Records, Josh Heinrichs.


    Gyptian – Sex, Love And Reggae
    Release Date: October 29
    Since the release of his monster hit “Hold You,” which became certified Gold in 2010, Gyptian’s career has taken off. With the release of his fourth studio album, Jamaica’s own reggae superstar, Gyptian, is back to release Sex, Love and Reggae on October 29th via VP Records.

    Set to include elements of R&B, dancehall, and soca, the record features a wide range of artists including Melanie Fiona, Estelle, Bunji Garlin, Angela Hunte & Kes The Band. The 17 track album was co-produced by Jerry “Wonda” Deplessis, who has worked with artists Mary J Blige, Lupe Fiasco, and The Fugees. The record also feature co-production by Major Lazer on the title track.

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  • You can pick up Sex, Love And Reggae on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!
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    Dirty Heads – – Home – Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions
    Release Date: October 29
    Dirty Heads are returning home to their roots with the release of their new Acoustic album, aptly titled Home – Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions. The all acoustic release will drop on October 29th, via Five Seven Music and will include 11 total tracks.

    The forthcoming record features 8 brand new tracks, and an acoustic version of their single “Cabin By The Sea,” all bookend with intro/outro tracks. This record will drop just a year and a half after the release of their last album Cabin By The Sea, which came out in June of 2012.

    When asked about the decision to make an acoustic album, Jared “Dirty J” Watson explains, “We decided to do an acoustic album because we wanted to get back to our roots and really expose our lyrics and voices. Breaking down to acoustic and being raw is very liberating as a songwriter. And the inspiration and vibe of this album is more sexy than anything we’ve done. We really just went for all vibe and feel.”

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  • You can pick up Home – Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions now, by clicking HERE!
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    Various Artists- HEMP! Tributo Reggae A The Beatles Vol.2
    Release Date: October 30
    Following The Green Album – Reggae Tribute To The Beatles Vol I, is HEMP! Reggae Tribute to The Beatles Vol.II. From Lanús, Argentina, Afro Recording Studio is back, bringing together the best exponents of Latin American Reggae to honoring one of the most iconic rock bands ever with The Beatles.

    The project is composed of 56 artists spread across 3 discs available in digital format. Among the 48 tracks, some covers included are “Please Please Me” by Rebelution, Don Carlos & Dub Vision Band doing “Obladi Oblada”, and Groundation with an excellent version of “Come Together”. Other artists that recorded for Hemp! include The Aggrolites, Rootz Underground, David Hinds of Steel Pulse as well as 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, Yellowman, Big Mountain, Pato Banton, Prezident Brown and many more!

  • For more information on this release click HERE!
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    Article By: Aaron Solomon