One Drop’s “Black Book Diaries”

One Drop’s “Black Book Diaries”

As the surge of summer albums approaches, One Drop joins the collection with Black Book Diaries, their sophomore album set to drop on June 26th. With this release, they incorporated a blend of raw and innovative digital production tools, some of which we have not seen since much of the ‘70s.

The band hopes the new 16-track album will reflect their recent growth and evolution as a group. When we caught up with One Drop they said they took more risks with the release in order to provide something fresh to the listeners and bring something to the reggae music scene they believe it has been lacking.

“Every now and then an album will come around that pushes boundaries so far that you have to consider redefining the genre it’s in. We took allot of chances on this record but feel this can be one of them.”

For those who are too anxious to wait for the album to come out in a month, the band released a single off the album a few days ago titled “I’m Sorry (but it’s over)”, available for streaming on their website by clicking HERE.

Although it is not a finished version of the track, there is still some mixing and mastering yet to be done, it gives you an idea of what the Black Book Diaries has in store. So mark your calendars for June 26th and pick up One Drop’s new album Black Book Diaries.

One Drop – Black Book Diaries
1.) Devil On The Pulpit
2.) Hector Pieterson
3.) One More Chance
4.) Tricked Into War
5.) If You Only Knew
6.) More Than A Landscaper
7.) My Best Friend’s Woman
8.) Daniel In The Lion’s Den
9.) I’m Sorry (but it’s over)
10.) Down Under
11.) 1-Gun Salute
12.) Favorite Lover
13.) Forward
14.) 4 Letter Word
15.) More Than A Landscaper (en Espanol)
16.) Possible Dub (Forward)*

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Article By: Jason Gallagher