Outlaw Nation: Album Release & Tour

Outlaw Nation: Album Release & Tour

New Orleans’, Outlaw Nation is set to release a new record titled, HISTORICALLYCURRENTBYTHEPAST. This album was produced by Christian Simeon of Outlaw Nation and his production camp, The Haterz, who also produced Outlaw Nations last release, the IGETAZZNIBIZA EP.

When asked about the project, Christian Simeon of Outlaw Nation, had this to say about the new album, “We are embarking on a new path and journey of the creative process with this new record, we are super excited about the possibilities and avenues that we get to travel down as this new album unfolds.”

The band originally announced that a new album would be released May 1st, with the title Butterin’ Up & Aces High. Now, the band has announced a double release, with Butterin’ Up & Aces High droping at a later time.

Outlaw Nation’s 8th record, was initially said to blend ingredients of alternative, roots, Americana, and of course the soul-filled sounds of the Big Easy’s. As the project unfolded, it seems that Outlaw Nation has put aside that “Gutter Reggae Soul” sound, and an entire album as well! Bassist, Danny Woolen, commented “We toyed with ideas for a few different musical visions for the next album and even finished one that we thought was a good one, but after listening to it we just decided that it was not from the heart so we canned it.”

After recording a discography of records in their genre, Outlaw Nation has decided to cross genres to record a different album. The band has said that they “decided to go back to the place it felt most comfortable and that was in the bosom of HIP HOP… The record blends our love for all the classic sounds of golden age Hip Hop but maintain the vibrant glow of the current tones and topics of today’s society.”

When asked about the decision Christian Simeon commented, “I think we just wanted to make sure we came from the purest place with this new album and ultimately, Hip Hop has always played a big part in the writing process for us and our love for artists like A Tribe Called Quest and others made us take a step back and focus.”

In a recent post the band describes the content of the new disc. “Tracks like ‘Hip Hop’, ‘I Rock, I Rock’ and ‘Nobody Better’ dive into topics about the validity of the music form as a global power as well the bashing and boasting session about how the glossed up rappers get all the publicity but lack super MC skills of their lesser known counterparts… The Laid back nature of this record sets the mood for both a chill house party but the beats provide you a bangin’ backdrop for club anthems and trunk thumbers all the same… HISTORICALLYCURRENTBYTHEPAST brings together the audible sounds of YESTERYEAR and TODAY the CURRENT!

Outlaw Nation On Tour…
In support of the new album, Outlaw Nation will be on the Fresh Voodoo tour in June. Supporting the cross country run is the Atlanta, Georgia based group, Planet Rawk, as well as several local Hip Hop artists on the all the stops. The tour, billed as a “Traveling Underground HIP HOP & More SHOWCASE,” was the creation of booking agent, Rob Montes and Christian Simeon.

Rob Montes explains, “Simeon and myself felt like it was time to try and do a tour similar to the ‘SMOKING GROOVES’ tours of the past. They were a microcosm of the scene at the time and gave way to letting an art form flourish in the live concert setting…What we are doing is just bringing that model to smaller venues with independent underground artists but maintaining the quality and dynamics of the live festival concert setting.”

Outlaw Nation Tour Dates:
June 1 @ Emerald Lounge. Asheville, NC
June 4 @ The Sound Hole. Myrtle Beach, SC
June 9 @ Sullivan Hall. New York City, NY
June 14 @ The Woodshed. Salt Lake City, UT
June 15 @ Ogden Amptheater – Ogden, UT
June 16 @ The Lift House. Red River, NM
June 20 @ Smitty’s Greenlight. Pueblo, Co
June 21 @ Moe’s. Denver, CO
June 23 @ Jackson Hole Crawfish Fest. Jackson Hole, WY
June 30 @ Club 101. Brookings, OR
July 1 @ Red Fox Tavern. Eureka, CA
July 2 @ TBA. San Francisco, CA
July 5 @ Plea For Peace Center. Stockton, CA
July 10 @ Brick By Brick. San Diego, CA
July 13 @ The Lighthouse. Hermosa Beach, CA
July 27 @ Bunker’s. Minneapolis, MN

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

Check out the video for “This GO Beat” from the new album.