Pacific Dub Announces New Album Ahead of Summer Tour

Pacific Dub Announces New Album Ahead of Summer Tour

After a 3-year-hiatus, southern, CA’s Pacific Dub returned in 2017 to drop their 6 track Take Me Away EP. The EP would end up being a prelude to their first album 6 years that will officially drop on May 25th. This will be their third full-length record, titled Guide You Home, that will drop just in time for their summer time opening up for Dirty Heads and Iration.

Pacific Dub is a reggae-rock group that formed in late 2008 and released their debut record Fire Eye in 2009, followed by their sophomore record Tight Rope in 2012. After a couple single releases in summer 2014, the group went on a hiatus for a few years before returning in Pacific-Dub-2018-Approved-Press-Photo2017 and evolving their resurgence with a new record & tour in 2018. The band consists of guitarist/vocalist, Colton Place, lead-guitarist, Hunter Porter, drummer/vocalist David Delaney and keyboardist Nathan Ueda.

The 11 track record features guest appearances by Bret Bollinger of Pepper on “Fly Away” and Andy Chaves of Katastro on “Don’t Tell Me.” “Fly Away” was released last October and in gearing up for the new record, the group dropped “Don’t Tell Me” on April 13th, 2018. Pre-orders for the new album will be begin on April 23rd.

In discussing the record, front-man Colton Place, who produced the record along with Nathan Ueda, tells The Pier: “I think we’re finding our sound and writing music that makes us happy and I think you can hear that in the music. It reminds me of how it felt to write music when we first started the band, when we didn’t have anything else in mind besides just having fun. In my opinion this is one of our most well rounded albums. There are quintessential guitar driven reggae tracks that will remind you of some of our older music, mellow acoustic tracks, and some hip hop/reggae tracks where we went with some very modern production and tried to expend our sound in a way we haven’t done before.”

Guide You Home drops at the start of their upcoming summer tour with Dirty Heads, Iration and The Movement. The national tour will include 28 total dates across 23 states on a early summer run that will span from May 18th – June 30th. Colton tells The Pier: “We’re still working on the set for this summer, but I think it’s safe to assume all three of the new singles will be performed, as well as maybe one or two more new songs. We’re excited to play the new music, but we’ll still bring out some of the old songs as well.”

Pacific Dub – Guide You Home Tracklist:
PDub-GuideYouHome-iTunes1.) Reaching
2.) Don’t Tell Me (ft. Andy Chaves of Katastro)
3.) Undertow
4.) All Love
5.) Best of You
6.) Guide You Home
7.) What You Like
8.) Fly Away (ft. Bret Bollinger of Pepper)
9.) Life You Have
10.) Same Old Story
11.) Something More

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Article By: Mike Patti

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