Pacific Dub New Album Update!

Pacific Dub New Album Update!

With the California sunshine and Huntington Beach surf to create the inspiration necessary for a new album, Pacific Dub is ready to share their new material they collected for their second full-length album. Tightrope is set to hit the ears of reggae-rockers and music lovers of all genres Tuesday, June 26. With one full-length album, two EPs, and single, Pacific Dub is dropping their new tunes almost two years after their last release.

With time spent at 17th Street Recording Studios and legendary Lewis Richards as their producer, the Huntington Beach locals have been working hard to share their finest work with fans! The 12-song album is said to feature a song with drummer David Delany singing and jammin’ on the acoustic guitar. Songs like “Wasted,” “Tightrope,” and “Close to You” have been played at their shows that The Pier has attended. We are stoked to catch the rest of the album and hear the great effort Pacific Dub has put in for the last few years!

With the album release on a Tuesday, Pacific Dub followers can catch the band at their release party Saturday, June 30. The band is pumped to hold their first headlining gig at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California with fellow reggae-rock bands on the bill. Through The Roots, HB Surround Sound, and Katastro our supporting the guys with their reggae sound, and fans my possibly get the opportunity to catch a sick collaboration!

Not near Anaheim, California? Pacific Dub shared that they will be announcing their headlining summer tour with Tightrope rockin’ the set list very soon! So keep posted with The Pier for more information on dates, cities, and venues!

The Pier caught up with guitarist and vocalist Colton Place about Tightrope and we had to ask if their was any type of message the band was trying to get across with their new tunes. Here’s what Colton had to say:

“The message from our new album is open for everyone’s personal interpretation. We always try to send a positive message of spreading love and peace with our music, but at the end of the day, everyone can take away their own message from anyone of our songs or albums. For us, Tightrope represents the day-to-day process of balancing your priorities, and making decisions based on keeping your head up, and moving forward in a positive and healthy direction. We hope that message is received well, and that the album will appeal not only to our long time loyal fans, but also attract new music lovers from other genres. We’ve spent a lot of time writing, recording, and performing these songs at shows, 2+ years to be exact. In our opinion, this is without a doubt the best album we have ever put together, and we are beyond ecstatic to share it with you all!

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Article By: Alyssa Torres

Catch the “Wasted” as Pacific Dub rocks out in the studio!