Passafire’s New Radio Website Feature!

Passafire’s New Radio Website Feature!

With the help of Moe Angelo from and tour manager Chase Lang, Passafire has created a page that allows users to stream their music anywhere, anytime, hoping to boost their outreach, whether on the road, or at home on break from tour.

The website, found HERE, has some features that bring the fans even closer to the band.

Passafire’s brand new station encourages enthusiasts to stream songs during the day, and then at night there is a live stream of Passafire’s shows. The technology is promising for other future uses such as DJ sets live from the tour van while driving in between shows.

Here’s what Passafire drummer, Nick Kubley, had to say: “We’re hoping to be able to archive shows and make them available for download, as well. I also think it will make us want to change up the sets a little bit from night to night, which to me, is a good thing.”

Tour manager, Chase Lang, gave some further insight: “Having the live shows streamed on the Internet for free allows anybody in the world to hear what’s happening every night on tour. Eventually I’d like to be able to take song requests from the online audience and maybe even add a video feed.

Lang just started a company called Escena ( to specialize in this & hopes to have more bands doing this soon.

Moe Angelo has plans to even further the experience for fans by developing an iPhone app. There is also hope to get more bands on board to collaborate and have broadcasts from shows all over the world. Although streaming the shows online is incredibly futuristic, the band stressed that the live shows are still where the magic happens.

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
Feb 16 @ Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA**
Feb 17 @ Fat Cat Music House & Lounge, Modesto, CA*
Feb 20 @ Fulton 55, Fresno, CA*
Feb 21 @ B Ryders, Bakersfield, CA*
Feb 22 @ The Atrium, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA***
Feb 23 @ House of Blues, Anaheim, CA*

* = With Iration and Pacific Dub
** = With The Green, Iration, and Pacific Dub
*** = With Iration, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Pacific Dub and La Plebe

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Article By: Erin Walsh
Photo By: Kit Chalberg

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