Passafire Reveals Two B-Side Tracks from ‘Longshot’

Passafire Reveals Two B-Side Tracks from ‘Longshot’

Who doesn’t love surprises!? Unbeknownst to everyone without warning, Passafire dropped two new singles that they had hidden behind closed doors with “Call It What It Is” and “Would Have Known.”Longshot-BSides-Album-Art

Both tracks originated from their recording sessions for Longshot, Passafire’s sixth full-length studio album from 2017 via Easy Star Records.

Perhaps one of the more difficult nuances for an artist is picking and choosing between a batch of songs that will ultimately make the final cut for a record. For us, it’s only natural to wonder if an artist cooked up an extra song or two that wasn’t included on an album and when those tracks see the light of day, they’re often a real treat.

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Suffice it to say this is no different for Passafire and the two songs have already been performed live!
“Would Have Known” kicks off with drums and keys before Ted Bowne enters with his trademark vocals. The song feels like a lower-tempo rock jam, before entering into a experimental, dub-tastic bridge.

Listen: Passafire – Would Have Known (Official Audio)

The second track, “Call It What It Is,” features bassist Will Kubley immediately at the wheel from a vocals perspective, and features a simple, catchy garage-rock rhythm that listeners will find difficult not to dance along to. The track is one of their shorter songs, clocking in at under three minutes.

“I don’t know how to change this much this fast / I don’t care who’s to blame ?If you don’t care it’ll never last”

Listen: Passafire – Call It What It Is (Official Audio)

Passafire has been touring at a more sporadic and leisurely pace this year, as Ted Bowne has been focusing on his production efforts and playing a few solo shows and Will Kubley has been crafting new music and riffs with The Hugeness. However, the four-piece favorites hailing from Savannah, GA recently announced a series of dates for their Summer Tour that began in June and will run through mid-August. Check out the full listing of dates below!

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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