Passafire’s 2015 ‘Interval’ Spring Tour & EP

Passafire’s 2015 ‘Interval’ Spring Tour & EP

Interval Spring Tour

Passafire recently announced the band will continue touring in the spring, this time crossing the country in support of the release of their upcoming Interval EP. Fans will have the opportunity to hear new songs from The Pier’s 2014 Live Artist of the Year, as voted for by YOU The Fans. Lets check out the details.

Interval Spring Tour

Following 2013’s release of their fifth full-length studio record,Vines, in 2014 Passafire spent the year touring in support of that album. The band also spent time later in 2014 writing and recording new music at their own studio in Savannah, Georgia as well as once again returning to Texas’ Sonic Ranch Studios.

New songs started to make appearances in the band’s sets last fall and throughout their recent winter tour. Rocker “Wheels of Steel,” was the first track of new material added to the show, followed by the catchy tune “Bobber”, fronted by bassist and vocalist Will Kubley. Later the tracks “Finding Me” and “Out of Sight” trickled into shows eventually making their Youtube debut via the band’s passionate fanbase. Check out the fan captured video of these tracks below.

Now after being road-tested and fan-approved, those 4 tracks will compose Passafire’s sixth studio release. This month, Passafire announced the initial details surrounding their first EP. Titled Interval, the EP will hit stores on March 24th, the band’s second release on Easy Star Records. Also revealed was the Interval art, illustrated by Passafire Drummer, Nick Kubley.

To promote this new record Passafire has also announced the addition of 24 dates to their 2015 touring schedule. After taking a short spring-break off the road, Passafire will head back out on tour the day after their EP drops. The Interval Spring Tour will feature these new tracks as well as the varied mix of Passafire favorites, and are sure to include a cool cover or two.

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Starting off in Houston, together with Stranger Band the tour will play west to California, before working their way up the west coast. Passafire then travels around the Northwest playing several nights with Asheville funk outfit Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band. Working their way back east Passafire meets up with Fortunate Youth for 3 nights through Colorado before ending the tour playing through the Midwest over to Chicago, Il, a hometown show for Keyboardist Mike Deguzman.

For more about Passafire their music or information about their tour dates, check out the details below.

Passafire Tour Dates:
passafire Tour Dates

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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