Passafire’s Remix Album!

Passafire’s Remix Album!

Passafire is easily one of the most creative bands related to the genre. Now, a year after their release of their 2011 Album of the Year, Passafire has released the highly anticipated remix of 22 tracks from their Start From Scratch album.

The tracks include remixes from Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Jimkata, Sohma, Cousin Dan, The Drastics, Fluid Minds, Will Kubley, Mike DeGuzman, Ted Bowne, all mastered by John Gray.

In the midst of a heavy touring schedule, and continual work on writing the next album, Passafire is nothing short of busy. However, somehow Passafire found time to gather together a diverse collection of musicians to help recreate their songs. Done so, simply as a gift for their amazing fan base!

They first broke the news this past April during our Behind The Beat article saying this was something they wanted to provide for the fans for FREE as a thank you.

The album is now available for FREE digital download & you can download your digital copy by clicking HERE.

Track List:
01.) Start From Scratch – (Sohma Remix)
02.) Dimming Sky (Johnny Cosmic Remix)
03.) Miss You – (Drastics Remix) –
04.) Kiss My Head – (Weisil Dust Remix) – Packy Lunn (Jimkata)
05.) Hard To Believe – (Ted Bowne Remix)
06.) Lorelie – (Mike DeGuzman Remix)
07.) Train Wreck – (Cousin Dan Remix)
08.) Rubber Bands – (Budo Remix)
09.) Winter Wren – (Johnny Cosmic Remix)
10.) Shapes And Colors – (Mike DeGuzman & Fluid Minds Remix)
11.) La Fuenta (Ted Bowne Remix)
12.) Epiphany – (Will Kubley Remix)
13.) Start From Scratch – (Dusty Riach & Henny Flatz Remix)
14.) Start From Scratch – (Mike DeGuzman Remix)
15.) Start From Scratch (Drastic Remix)
16.) Start From Scratch DUB – (Drastics Remix)
17.) Start From Scratch – (Will Kubley Remix)
18.) Dubbing Sky – (Contraband Remix)
19.) Miss You – (Alter Ego Remix)
20.) Miss You – (Vision Creative Remix)
21.) Lorelie – (Decide Project Remix)
22.) Train Wreck – (Mike DeGuzman Remix)

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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