Pennywise Surprise Show in Hermosa Beach, CA

Pennywise Surprise Show in Hermosa Beach, CA

For the 37th year, Hermosa Beach, CA hosted its legendary Ironman competition, which was held on 4th of July. This year was much different as the day was celebrated with some surprise punk-rock & a mosh pit in the sand…

The Hermosa Beach Ironman Competition is (kind of) an athletic test where participants must run a mile, paddle a surfboard a mile & then consume a 6-pack of their favorite beer as fast as they can without giving it back to the beach. The city gets involved as it’s the only time that folks are allowed to drink on the beach (under heavy Police supervision of course).

Unfortunately for the winner of the Ironman contest, their triumph is not what drew our attention to the Hermosa Beach 4th of July tradition. What caught our attention, and we love it when bands do this, is we heard from KROQ that Pennywise came out for a surprise performance on the beach ahead of their new album Yesterdays that dropped on July 15th via Epitaph Records. Pennywise is from South Bay and a mosh-pit in the sand on 4th of July is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July & the Ironman tradition.

Local Cameramen Scott Slies & Jay Dohner caught the action from the sand, as well as high above with the use of a drone! Check the video out for yourself:

The band performed their fan favorite, “Bro Hymn”, a song dedicated to the bands late bassist, Jason Thirsk, who passed away in ’96. Yesterdays will feature songs written by Jason Thirsk, as Pennywise Vocalist Jim Lindberg shares “Jason was the emotional core of Pennywise and his songwriting was very much about PMA (positive mental attitude) and that’s really what initially drew me to the band and where we started out.” The songs have been recorded with the passion only Pennywise can provide. “We have always wanted to go back and record these songs,” says Lindberg. “It just took us 25 years to get back to it.”

You can pick up Yesterdays on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti