Pennywise’s ‘Nineteen Eighty Eight’ Vinyl LP

Pennywise’s ‘Nineteen Eighty Eight’ Vinyl LP

For you fans of something a little harder, the old school punks of Pennywise have some news to announce. Pennywise will be teaming up with Theologian Records along with South Bay indie label Hardline Entertainment to reissue some of the bands earlier recordings.

The 11-track LP will feature many crowd favorites from the bands’ shows and even some covers. New and old fans alike should enjoy this re-release of the bands earlier work that includes both previous LPs A Word From The Wise and Wildcard along with tracks from the compilation Soul Arch. The new LP will also feature of cover of Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie by Black Flag.

The new LP from Pennywise will be titled Nineteen Eighty Eight and is scheduled to be released on May 20th, 2016. The LP will be released on red, blue and green opaque, as well as a very limited edition 180 gram black and white swirl that will be numbered and signed by the entire band. The excitement is shared by both companies labels in releasing this LP:

“For me it’s a great honor to release these early recordings. These tracks were the band’s first recordings in a professional studio. I remember the day we got the test pressing and went to my print shop and put it on my record player. The hair on my arms stood up as I heard the songs come alive on wax. It was surreal.”
– Ken Seaton, Hartline Entertainment

“To my brother, Jason, these first real Pennywise recordings were the nucleus and beginning of a brand new era in his life. When these two EPs were being glued together by all of us in our kitchens, he felt such an accomplishment and felt like Pennywise could actually break out of the South bay and do some good in the world. This was the first time he was ever in an actual recording studio and it gave him such joy and also some pride. For him (and for me) to be able to see his words that he wrote in his room become actual songs and then those songs being actually recorded and put on vinyl was just unreal. He dreamed of that since the first time he heard Black Flag, Youth Brigade, Blitz, etc…when he was a kid and now it was actually happening thanks to Marc Theodore. I personally remember helping to glue all of those EPs sleeves together and it was just unreal and so cool to be a part of.”
– Justin Thirsk, 98 Mute / Chaos Delivery Machine

Pre-sales are available now at the Hardline Store by clicking HERE!

Pennywise – Nineteen Eighty Eight
Pennywise_NineteenEightyEight1.) Final Chapters
2.) Covers
3.) Depression
4.) No Way Out
5.) Gone
6.) Wild Card
7.) Maybes
8.) Stand By Me (Ben E King cover)
9.) Tomorrow
10.) Don’t Feel Nothing
11.) Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (Black Flag cover)

Article By: Eric Schoep