Pepper & Less Than Jake’s 2017 Winter Tour

Pepper & Less Than Jake’s 2017 Winter Tour

Jan. 20th in Dallas, TX will be the first of 32 total tour dates across 24 states that fans will have an opportunity to see Pepper and Less Than Jake share the stage together. Pepper drummer Yesod Williams gives us some insight into how this came together…
Pepper & LTJ Tour
Less Than Jake is just coming off a Euro-tour alongside The Skints. Before that, they shared the road with Pepper on the Vans Warped Tour over the summer. When we caught up with Yesod Williams, he said it was their first Vans Warped Tour 15 years ago where Pepper first shared the experience of touring with Less Than Jake: “We’ve known & have looked up to Less Than Jake since our first Warped Tour in 2001. We later became great friends when we toured the U.K. in 2009 with them.”

Outside of sharing multiple Warped Tour outings and a trip to Europe together, it’s surprising that this will be first time we’ll get to see these two groups in a general tour-setting across the U.S. — Yesod explains: “our ‘people’ hit up each-others ‘people’ and realized that it’s just too much fun together. We need to keep it going into the theaters on the nightly! The 2 of us and our respective Ohana’s have such high energy on stage and on the dance floor that I’m assuming the venues will be left roofless after every show!”

If what Yesod is saying is true, we’re expecting to see 32 total roofless shows on a tour that will span across 23 states from January 20th to March 1st. Between the Kona Town dub-rock party that Pepper is known for, paired with the ska-rock of Florida’s Less Than Jake, fans will get a chance to see a unique blend of music from each coasts’ respective group.

When asked if he has any favorite Less Than Jake songs, Yesod tells The Pier: “Hands down ‘The Science of Selling Yourself Short’ and I realized it while we were on tour with them in England in 2009. Then on Warped Tour 2011 they let me play it with them and I completely fucked it up in front of thousands of people, but hey, there are no mistakes in life, right? Hahaha!”

You can find all of the upcoming dates below a long with links to each group’s network. Let us know which show you’ll be at…

Pepper Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti

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