Pepper Releases Marijuana Strain: ‘Hawaiian Pepper’

Pepper Releases Marijuana Strain: ‘Hawaiian Pepper’

When Pepper isn’t releasing new music, touring the country or managing their label with Law Records, they’re blasting their own strain of marijuana known as Hawaiian Pepper. Okay, well maybe they’re blasting it while also releasing music, touring & running the label — Here’s what the band had to say…

“It’s called Hawaiian Pepper and it’s 100% sativa,” says drummer Yesod Williams. “The way it came about is we’re good friends with the folks at Weedmaps. We thought it’d be super rad to bring some of the weed that we grew up with in the islands and bring that to our fans. So when that idea first came up, we DavidNorrisPepperPhotoShootCasbah5-15-16 (3)started going to conventions, meeting a bunch of growers. I told the guys at Weedmaps the genetics and the strain we were going for, that was similar to what we grew up smoking. So 6-8 months later and boom, exactly what I remember smelling from high school! I was like, ‘This is it!’ So yeah, we ended up branding it.”

With the growing legalization of Marijuana, it’s becoming big business in the entertainment world as Pepper joins the ranks of other artists who have released their own strains, such as Dirty Heads, Stick Figure, Rebelution and of course, Damian Marley.

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For Hawaiian Pepper, it’s a Lemon Haze that is basically Haze sativa strains that were crossed to make it up and you can read a full review on it at The strain is available in both a flower and vape cartridge. It’s only in California right now and you can get the Hawaiian Pepper pens pretty much anywhere Shatter Tanks are at. To make it easier,, or their App, is a resource to put in Hawaiian Pepper and it’ll let you know where it is being sold!

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Article by: Mike Patti
Photo By: David Norris