Pepper’s ‘Three Amigos’ 2015 Fall Tour

Pepper’s ‘Three Amigos’ 2015 Fall Tour

Summer may be coming to a close, but reggae-rock lives forever. Yesterday afternoon, Pepper, Ballyhoo! and Katastro made an announcement when they revealed plans for a joint month-long fall tour called the Three Amigos Tour.

With both Ballyhoo! and Pepper expected to release new albums this year, fans who attend one of the Three Amigos Tour shows will be among the first to hear their new music. Listening to new music from your favorite bands is always fun, but this case is a bit different because Pepper and Ballyhoo! have both openly stated that they’re re-adjusting their sound for their new albums.

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During our conversation with Pepper’s drummer Yesod Williams in April, he teased, “There are a couple of songs that we’re calling part two of older songs. That was kind of our direction when we approached this, like let’s pick up where we left off… So we’ve got a ThreeAmigosTour‘Stone Love 2’ on there, and we’ve done that with a couple songs.”

And in a separate interview with Ballyhoo! front-man Howi Spangler, he revealed that Ballyhoo! would be returning to their roots in their new album. “We got to be known as a party band, writing songs about drinking, smoking weed and shit like that, and we kind of got away from that with ‘Daydreams’ and ‘Pineapple Grenade.’ Which is fine because I’m really proud of those records… I guess [our music] has always had a really upbeat feel no matter what, but we really want to accentuate it now with our next album.”

Even the up and coming Arizona rockers Katastro, who released their album No Mud No Lotus in November, have stated that they’re working on new music for the fall tour.

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Howi shared that while excitement is there for them to perform new music on this tour, they’re not sure which new songs they’d like to debut, although he did tip his hat towards new song “Jameson & Ginger”, explaining that it has a Sublime meets Beastie Boys sound.

The tour kicks off at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA on October 22nd, and will make its way across the country before coming back to California to close at Ventura’s Majestic Ventura Theatre on November 21st. With so many high-energy bands and new songs, the Three Amigos Tour is sure to be one of the better live experiences of the year. Tickets go on sale Friday, August 21st at 10am.

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Article By: Andrew Aroche

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