Perro Bravo Sneaks Out New Record, ‘Case Pacific’

Perro Bravo Sneaks Out New Record, ‘Case Pacific’

When Sublime’s Miguel Happoldt isn’t busy reforming Long Beach Dub Allstars or mixing Slightly Stoopid’s new record, he’s quietly releasing new albums under his own band, Perro Bravo and such is the case with new record Case Pacific.
The Long Beach band is made up of Skunk Records co-founder Mike “Miguel” Happoldt, ex-falling idol Greg Lowther on drums and Mike Long on bass.

The album is 10 total tracks featuring guest appearances by Marc Ford of Black Crowes, Roger Rivas of The Aggrolites/LBDA, Tim Wu of LBDA, DJ Product 1969 and Mike Malone.

Case Pacific is the first music released since Perro Bravo collaborated with Beebs on the song “Lights Out” last October. This is the 3rd full length record following 2015’s 3 On The Tree and 2013’s Smoking Scorpion Tales.

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Miguel’s sister-in-law took the photo used for the cover-art. Miguel tells The Pier “I like the juxtaposition of the idyllic against the restrictive. The record in general is about the shameful compromise of personal liberty for the nanny state.”

Miguel continues to tell The Pier that he already has another full length album ready to drop and expects it to release in May. That record is set to feature Bobo The Big Foot Hunter and Sinful from Tha Mexakinz.

The group hopes to release Case Pacific to Vinyl and is currently looking for a distributor to satisfy those requests. You can stream Perro Bravo’s music or own it digitally via iTunes by clicking HERE!

Perro Bravo – Case Pacific Track List:
PerroBravo_CasePacific 1.) Dr. Chopper
2.) For Chinaski
3.) Huevos Revueltos (feat. Roger Rivas & Tim Wu)
4.) History Repeats
5.) DJ Product (feat. DJ Product 69 & Roger Rivas)
6.) Wrong Direction
7.) Coastal Access (feat. Roger Rivas)
8.) Fish on the Line (feat. Roger Rivas)
9.) Pick Me Up (Off the Floor) [feat. Marc Ford & Mike Malone]
10.) The Kelp Forest

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: David Norris

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