Pier Vol 1 Interview: Another Day

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Another Day

The Pier: Is Tell Me Baby about one girl in particular?

Another Day: Tell Me Baby is about all girls in general. It is telling girls to quit playing games and if they like you then they should tell you, so you don’t have to be guessing how they feel.

The Pier: Where did you record the track and who with?

Another Day: We recorded the track at our drummer Phil’s P9’s Studio. He engineered, produced and recorded it.

The Pier: The band is going to drop its next album Another Dollar in September. What can you tell us about it so far?

Another Day: It is a blend of many styles of music with reggae as a foundation. Our first album was straight dub, since it was produced by the Scientist but this album is more of our own sound being that we produced it ourselves. When people hear it they will know it’s Another Day.

The Pier: What other plans does Another Day have for the rest of 2009? Any touring?

Another Day: We will be touring the west coast and Mexico in the rest of 2009. We are planning to tour the US in early 2010.

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