Pier Vol 1 Interview: Ballyhoo!

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Ballyhoo!

The Pier: When World’s Collide is probably the most rocking Ballyhoo! track recorded to date. You just went all out hey?

Howi (vocals/guitar): Yeah, that was the first song we wrote this year. Just started jamming and working out the arrangement. We were in a “rocking” mood, I guess. Lyrically, I went a little political. I like touching on taboo subject matter from time to time. Government owned cable news is such bullshit. They want us to be scared into living our lives a certain way, much like the bible. That’s why I linked it together.

The Pier: This must be a fun jam to play live?

Howi: Great rock tune, but goes back to the gritty reggae that gets the asses moving. The chorus feels epic to me. Just opens up wide, then we thrash at the end.

Blaze (keys/turntables): I love playing this tune live. Has a powerful chorus and a very rocking feel that has gotten crowds moving everywhere we’ve been on this last tour.

The Pier: Tell us about the recording session behind this. You went into the studio to specifically record for this compilation?

Howi: Yes. A good buddy of ours works at a studio in Northern VA and had told us he’d love to record us sometime. Was perfect timing, I’d say. I actually wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to make it happen because our tour schedule was pretty hectic and we only had a few days at home to take care of our personal things. Our trailer axle broke when we were heading towards the studio! Got it towed to a shop and still made it down the the studio about three or four hours late. We ended up staying till like 6am recording.
We recorded it live and then did the over dubs and vocals after. Pretty cool to do it that way so you can get that “live performance” sound.

Blaze: Was definitely a last-minute thing like Howi mentioned. I bought the keyboard I used to record the organs the day before we left for tour. I recorded most of the organ lines that night in my home studio and then finished up in a buddy’s apartment in Tucson a week or so later after I had had some time to play with it a little.

The Pier: This is you third Pier Compilation appearance to date, why do you keep coming back haha?

Howi: Well, you’re such a nice guy and The Pier has been so good to us, how can we say no?! (haha) We also feel that we can bring something a little different to the table. Our “reggae” is a different flavor, more rock-based, but still compliments our peers’ music.

The Pier: How has the Put Em Up tour with B Foundation been going? What is next on the horizon?

Howi: Put ’em Up was a fucking haze of alcohol, drugs, loud music, chaos, and was utterly “bro-mantical.” Yeah, I said it. We love those guys. Got to be real pals, like, “I’m actually gonna call you after this tour” chums.

Blaze: The Put ‘Em Up Tour was a freakin blast! Had great times in parts of the country we’d never been to, and some we never thought we would ever see (like Fargo, ND). I think when it was all said and done, we hit 33 states and some 70 cities with The B. We got to hang out in the Redwood forests of Northern Cali, play Blackjack at the bars in Fargo, ND, enjoy great beers in Albany, NY and awesome burritos in SoCal, and raise hell (once again) in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Was an amazing trip with a great bunch of guys and we definitely look forward to the next time. Oh yeah, and we played a bunch of music for a shitload of dedicated fans!

Howi: We’re home for a little bit, but then we’re just getting back out there. Gotta keep moving, stay relevant. We’re always writing, so hopefully we’ll get some more new material out there for the hooligans.

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