Pier Vol 1 Interview: Rome

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Rome

The Pier: Only is a such a great summer track. Tell us about the song-writing behind it.

Rome: Well I was singing humming the chorus melody for a while and I played it totally different, but one day at the studio I guess I decided to just skank it out. Lewi (Richards), my engineer/bass player conjured up a sick bass line and after jamming it a few times we put it on wax. As far as the lyrics go it’s plain and simple, it’s about being sick and tired of living on the Rich Man’s agenda and more importantly it’s about the realization of, “There is more of us than there is of them.” We have entered the age of “Class-ism” for sure.

The Pier: You also get to perform with the Dirty Heads on its contribution to the compilation (Lay Me Down). What was it like being in the studio with those guys? They can be quite the handful.

Rome: All I got to say is that if you hang with the DH you better know how to do two things 1. Drink and 2. have a good fuckin time. Hahaha naw, the boy’s and I have been good friends for a while and to not do a song with them would be a crime. We all wanted to collab on some new stuff so we met up in Duddy B’s backyard, sat in the sun with the beer and bong and just started beastin out.

We hit the Hurley Recording Studio later that week to drop what we had wrote and it all fell together wonderfully, but to get those booming drums and that extra little rub-a-dub feel we had to finish it up with our boy Lewi at 17th St. Recording. Those guys are mad talented and have the most unique sound in the whole scene if you ask me. You can definitely count on seeing some more DirtyHeads/Rome shit.

The Pier: Are you prepping a solo album release? If so when can we expect to see that?

Rome: At the moment I have some other projects in the works.

Now I know Pier readers are asking where the hell is the questions regarding jamming with the Sublime boys (Bud & Eric)? Well we asked and got nothing. However, The Pier is guessing a big announcement is just around the corner. Look for it here first.

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