Pier Vol 1 Interview: The Black Seeds

Pier Vol 1 Interview: The Black Seeds

The Pier: For the uninitiated how would you describe The Black Seeds sound?

Barnaby Weir (vocals/guitar): We sound like a sizzling BBQ, beside a vintage car, next to the beach on a summers day after a few beers pressed to vinyl.

Mike Fabulous (guitar/vocals): Or old school 60’s and 70’s reggae meets funk and soul with a little afro, tied together with modern songwriting techniques and an ear towards the future.

The Pier: What can you tell us about the reggae dub scene in NZ at the moment?

Barnaby Weir: Well NZ roots scene is healthy with heaps of different bands making their own south Pacific soul, funk and reggae. Most of NZ’s best bands fit within that scene. There’s definitely a strong flavor coming out of Aotearoa and locals and internationals are starting to take notice. It’s encouraging.

The Pier: Tell us about the songwriting behind the track you are contributing to the compilation, Strugglers?

Barnaby Weir: I wrote Strugglers for the Solid Ground album. To me it’s about not forgetting those who struggle just to survive. It’s easy for privileged and educated people to get complacent about the state of the world. If anything we have even more responsibility to do something about it. “Do it, give what you can.” I believe first we must be conscious and then take action.

The Pier: You must be excited to make your first trip to the US and with John Brown’s Body no less?

Barnaby Weir: Yes!! So so excited to be touring with JBB! We can’t wait. The Black Seeds have been to the States before but just a short trip. We will get to see a lot more this time around, and I know our U.S fans have been wanting to see us for ages. So we are all really looking forward to a big US adventure. New people, new venues and new cities. Bring it on

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