Prezident Brown to Release ‘Journeyman Pilgrimage’

Prezident Brown to Release ‘Journeyman Pilgrimage’

Based out of Clarendon, Jamaica comes Prezident Brown, known for his gruff, rootsy vocals, has announced that he will be releasing his new album, Journeyman Pilgrimage on June 16th, 2017 via Zojak World Wide & Towerman Productions.

Fitz Cotterell, a.k.a. Prezident Brown, was born in the hills of Clarendon, Jamaica. His mother called him Junior Ranking because he would grab the microphone and chant at schoolyard and country dances. He was first known as Slim Brown because of his resemblance to a similar DJ style of his mentor, U Brown. The most formative influence on Prezident Brown was producer and Prezident-Brown-coversound system operator Jack Ruby. Ruby saw something special in young Slim Brown; he took Slim Brown under his wing, re-named him Prezident Brown and appointed him resident M.C. of his Hi-Power Sound System, traveling the world and embarking on the journey that has lead him to today with his new album, Journeyman Pilgrimage.

The album is aptly titled as a nod to Brown’s own journey with not only making the record, but also his life experiences from over the years and the songs on this album reflect the albums sentiment. Each track was produced to naturally lead into the next, much like the chapters of a book. The album also includes a track featuring the one U Brown on the song “Sound System”, allowing Prezident Brown to pay tribute to the aforementioned mentor.

As the press release reads, Prezident Brown secured partial funding for this album through a crowd-funding campaign via In return for contributing to the album, fans are thanked in the liner notes and received a customized ‘swag bag’ from the Prez. Depending on the level of their donation, fans received T-shirts, CDs from his catalog, posters, original water-color paintings, custom, family-made jewelry and concert tickets.

Throw this album on your radar as one to give a listen and if you’re not familiar with Prezident Brown, now would be a good time to discover someone new who is releasing new music. Mark your calendars for June 16th for Journeyman Pilgrimage and you can pick up the 14-track record on iTunes by clicking HERE!


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Article By: Mike Patti

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