Protect Mauna Kea – Mauna Mau Loa Vol. 1

Protect Mauna Kea – Mauna Mau Loa Vol. 1

[Editors Note: Our own Blake Taylor has taken the initiative in putting together a digital-compilation album titled ‘Mauna Mau Loa Vol. 1’ with the funds of this release going to KAHEA with the effort in preventing TMT Observatory Corporation from leaving their construction foot-print on the sacred mountain.]

Mauna Mau Loa, Vol. 1

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Hawaiians have kept a 24-hour presence on Mauna Kea while marches have been held in Honolulu at the State Capitol and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Gatherings have also popped up across the world with photos posted of Protect Mauna Kea supporters in Texas, Japan, New York, Oregon, and Pasadena, California, where TMT headquarters is located. Support has also come from indigenous tribes across the globe. But this album is not about TMT or science, it is a showing of Kapu Aloha from musicians dedicated to environmental and cultural preservation.

After a call was put out to artists across the country, the movement received overwhelming support from bands in Hawai’i, California, Washington, and Florida. Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 2 is currently underway and will be available in the coming weeks.

Purchase Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 1 on iTunes for $4.99 by clicking HERE!

About KAHEA – The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance

Funds raised from Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 1 will be donated to KAHEA – The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance that advocates for “proper stewardship of our resources and for social responsibility by promoting cultural understanding and environmental justice” and to ensure a “just and sustainable Hawai’i in a world where people, culture and native ecosystems survive and thrive” (

The KAHEA Legal Defense Fund will assist the organization in the legal battle to preserve Mauna Kea’s summit from further development.

  • Timeline of events until 2010 – Click HERE!
  • Timeline of events since 2011 – Click HERE!

    Funds will be raised from subscriber and advertising revenue on the various media outlets. The full album is also available for digital download with 100% of proceeds donated to the KAHEA Legal Defense Fund.

    MaunaMauLoa1.) The Steppas – Note to Babylon (Hilo, Hawai’i)*
    2.) Dread Ashanti – There They Go Again (Kailua, O’ahu)#
    3.) HiRiZ – Are You In (Kailua, O’ahu)O
    4.) Rebecca Beralas – Side By Side (Sunset Beach, O’ahu) [Leap of Faith Records]@
    5.) E.N Young – Creation DuB (Imperial Beach, CA) [Roots Musician Records]~
    6.) Hot Rain – Get Together (O’ahu) (Afflatus Entertainment]
    7.) The Urchinz – Bubble (Honolulu, O’ahu)
    8.) Hawaiian Roots Band – E ala E (Hilo, Hawai’i)
    9.) aoK – People Unite (Kaimuki, O’ahu) [Polynesian Underground]
    10.) The Late Ones – Revolution (La‘ie, O’ahu) [EKM Records]
    11.) Project Out of Bounds – Boom Bye Bye (San Diego, CA)^
    12.) Arise Roots – Chop Dem Down (Los Angeles, CA)
    13.) Stay Grounded – Murderer (Tacoma, WA)
    14.) Bobby Hustle – Clean Water (Seattle, WA)
    15.) The Olés – Anchor (Isla Vista, CA)
    16.) Valley Green – Take Control (Covington, WA)
    17.) The Approach – The Mask (Tacoma, WA)
    18.) Jehua – Your Man (Waim?nalo, O’ahu)
    19.) Hirie – Wiseman (Kane’ohe, O’ahu)
    20.) Sound Swell – Throwin’ Shakas (Atlantic Beach, FL)

    * 2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee (Reggae Album of the Year – To You From We)
    # 2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee (Reggae Album of the Year – At the Heart of It)
    O 2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee (Reggae Album of the Year – Are You In)
    @ 2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee (Female Vocalist of the Year: Rebecca Beralas)
    ~ 2014 San Diego Music Award Winner (Best World Music Album: Tribal Seeds – Representing)
    ^ 2015 San Diego Music Award Nominee (Best World Music Album: Project Out of Bounds – Love Tone)

    Note: All songs are copyright by each artist and used with permission

    Where to Download/Stream Mauna Mau Loa, Vol. 1:
    You can find Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 1 available for download and streaming worldwide through: YouTube Music Key, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Amazon On Demand, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Slacker, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, Simfy Africa, MixRadio, MediaNet, VerveLife, Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, JB Hi-Fi, Guvera, KKBox, Akazoo, Anghami, Spinlet, Neurotic Media, Yandex, Target Music, ClaroMusica,, and Zvooq.

    Purchase Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 1 on iTunes for $4.99 by clicking HERE!

    About the Cover Art

    Artist Kirk O’Hara, AKA Mouth Painter, from Mesa, Arizona, designed the album artwork. Kirk was born with a condition called arthrogryposis that left him without the use of his arms and legs and so he paints every breathtaking piece with the brush between his teeth. He is currently working on a move to the Big Island to continue his inspiring work surrounded by Hawai’i and the beautiful people. Although Kirk’s style varies with each painting, he has become widely known for his focus on Native American art.

    The original design was for the Chromatics, who have since disbanded. This specific print was signed by multiple reggae/rock artists at the 2014 California Roots Festival in Monterey, CA at’s meet and greet booth. Many of the signatories are featured on the compilation while most others have expressed their support for the cause and are in talks for an appearance on future releases.

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    Article and Compilation By: Blake Taylor