Punk-Rock Summer Nationals 2014!

Punk-Rock Summer Nationals 2014!

Epitaph Records is showing the world that 1990s punk rock is not only still relevant, but it’s still a movement based on raw energy and pure loyalty. To see it for yourself you will need to show up to the Punk Rock Summer Nationals 2014 tour featuring The Offspring, Bad Religion, & Pennywise.
It will be a show right out of Epitaph’s Punk-O-Rama Volume 1 sampler album. The Offspring is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Smash album and will be performing the record in its entirety along with new tracks and classic hits.

Bad Religion can still show the kids what it means to be punk rock. As front man Greg Graffin says in his essay A Punk Manifesto, “It has always been my way to de-value the fashionable, light-hearted, impulsive traits that people associate with Punk, because Punk is more than that, so much more that those elements become trivial in the light of human experience that all punkers share.” Don’t expect them to be acting their age on stage.

Pennywise fans will be happy to know that after a four year split, lead singer Jim Lindberg re-joined the band in 2012 and they have been showing why they are credited for uniting the punk rock, skate and surf cultures with their fast paced guitar riffs and disdain for authority.

One of the most high-energy and entertaining artists in the genre, The Vandals, will be joining them for the first part of the tour. Old school Irish punk rockers, Stiff Little Fingers will support them during the last part of the tour. Additional artists are to be announced.

Capture this moment in history because the line-up for a tour like this has not been around since the 1990s and punks will need to travel to Las Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling or Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver to experience a night like this. Order your pre-sale tickets now and mosh like its 1994.


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Article by: Blake Taylor

Watch: The Offspring – “Self Esteem”

Bad Religion – “True North Music”

Pennywise – “Dying to Know”