Raging Fyah’s Lead-Singer, Kumar Bent, Leaves The Band

Raging Fyah’s Lead-Singer, Kumar Bent, Leaves The Band

In a shocking announcement, one of Jamaica’s most respected reggae bands may have just officially broken up with Raging Fyah lead singer Kumar Bent declaring via social media that he is leaving the band.

Kumar Bent’s Full Statement:

“Greetings FyahSquad,

After some lengthy deliberation and meditation, it is with a heavy heart that I feel compelled to announce my decision to leave the band ‘Raging Fyah.’ I believe all concerned will benefit from a parting of ways at this point and I see this as the inevitable conclusion.

We all have our own Paths to follow in this World, and mine has carried me to where I am today as an Artist/Musician. My history with Raging Fyah has given me immense experience and I am very grateful for this, but please know, all the Love and Support is not forgotten, and I will continue to grow and appreciate what the future may hold.

Please respect my decision and sense of privacy at this delicate time.

One Love, Kumar “Fyah” Bent”


Raging Fyah is a 5-piece modern roots band out of Kingston, Jamaica. The band is formed by Kumar Bent (lead vocals), Courtland White (guitar), Anthony Watson (drums), Demar Gayle (keys), and Delroy “Pele” Hamilton (bass).

They came together in 2006, serving primarily as a backing band in their early days. They began writing original material after bringing on Bent in 2010. Prior to 2016’s release of Everlasting, Raging Fyah self-released Judgement Day (2011) and Destiny (2015). Raging Fyah has performed for audiences around the world and revered as one of the most respected bands in the genre.

UB40’s Ali Campbell previously told The Pier in an interview: “We love them because they’re young kids and doing roots-rock-reggae and conscience lyrics and they’re exactly what we want to happen as far as reggae is concerned.”

When the band signed with VP Records in 2015, President Chris Chin said: “Raging Fyah breeds a progressive sound while staying true to real roots reggae. You know it is made from the heart and can feel the positive energy they bring. It’s undeniable. This type of authenticity is rare and we are excited to help spread the word worldwide.”

In a statement via their Instagram, Raging Fyah made it clear that they plan to continue on as a band:

“We are truly humbled by the overwhelming positive energy and love from the Fyah Squad who confirm their loyalty to us as a band. We know now more than ever that it is our combined talent, effort and energy that has taken us this far so we stand resolute in our mission cause dis ya Fyah cyah quench cyah cool cya out!

We are here putting in the work same way and will see you soon. So just stay strong, stay tuned cause we comin in hot!!! When i say Raging you say FYAH! RAGING…”

Fans had been highly anticipating a new album from the group. No word on what triggered Bent’s departure. We’ll be sure to update this article more details as well as their plans for their upcoming scheduled tour dates. This may be the end of Raging Fyah as we know it, but it looks as though the band will continue on minus Bent. We’ll continue to celebrate the music they released together. Kumar is a talented singer and we look forward to following him and his musical endeavors into the next chapter of his career.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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