Rare Americans Animated Video For “Moving On”

Rare Americans Animated Video For “Moving On”

Photo by Rare Americans

Ahead of their soon to be released album, You’re Not A Bad Person, It’s Just A Bad World due out on August 19th, the band has dropped a new video.

The animated video for their song “Moving On,” was created by Crooked City Studio and depicts the emotional residue of an ended relationship.

Rare Americans says, “The hardest part is letting go of someone you love, even when you know in your heart it’s the right decision. Relationships are scary. Loss hurts. Trusting someone new takes courage. These are often things in one’s personal life that people sometimes forget about, but they can be the biggest contributors to mental health.”

The band is set to go on tour this September, check out the full dates on their site: https://www.rareamericans.com/

By Mercedes Romana