RAS-1 Returns With New EP (Album Review)

RAS-1 Returns With New EP (Album Review)


Founding member of Long Beach Dub All-Stars, RAS-1 has created a self-titled masterpiece compilation for your listening ears. Southern California’s music pioneer and innovator has delved deeper into life, the good, the bad and even the darkest moments of life. But this is a real-life vibes all the way through. RAS-1 has a style all his own, alluring for all listeners to reggae-rock, even country! RAS-1 Self-titled EP displays the real diversity of the artist. It is clear RAS-1 has stepped beyond the scope and delved into other dimensional sounds very eclectic and driven to another realm for sure.

I cannot get enough of the music; you will listen to these tracks many times. Each track takes you through to a different journey every time, surprising and so brave. “Not Sorry” the first track has got that California vibe, brings me back to the 90’s surfing punk music, you will love this!

Previous hits included in the EP “California Radio” and “Take me Home” co-written and produced by Fat Mike of NOFX. “Take Me Home” is a moving tribute to RAS-1 late father. This track will move your soul, and surprise you with the soulful country bluesy sound. This is such a beautiful song.

My personal favorites are “All Alone” and “Take Me Home”. “All Alone”, is a sweet symphonic play on how we need human contact, we need shoulders to lean on in this insane world. I think we can all vibe with this, put our pride down and allow people in our lives.

The EP will bring you way up and center you, it’s lyrically genius but simple at the same time. No doubt one of the top 5 albums this year, it’s the experience and the journey you will feel it all the way through.

Review by: Suzanne Sanchez