Rebelution’s myLive Ticket Show!

Rebelution’s myLive Ticket Show!

Music and technology have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. From the specific nature of crafting the instruments our beloved musicians perform with in their hands, as well as the way fans listen to their favorite record. Although, vinyl is on the upswing once again, 8-tracks, cassettes, “Walkman” and often CDs have been overlooked, while being tossed aside for digital copies of the art form itself. The driving force behind the music industry is the constant advancement in technology.

For us fans, we love it! Now, we have the ability to listen to music at the touch of our finger, anywhere we go. Watching and experiencing live music at the touch of a button has improved, but there are still some wrinkles to be ironed out, by many outlets. However, one company is at the forefront of live streaming footage. Luckily for music fans, our favorite bands will be highlighted like never before!

On March 24th, in conjunction with myLive Ticket, Rebelution, The Green, Pep Love and special guests, The Wailers, will bring the live concert atmosphere directly to your home. There will be no delay. Footage will be seen in real-time, utilizing 1080p HD footage and digital sound directly from the Congress Theatre in Chicago, IL.

The full film and live web streaming company, myLive Ticket, is one of only two private sector production companies given permission to use software that allows the concert to stream without any buffering, delay or loss of signal. To reiterate, this performance will be viewed in real-time! When the fans in attendance see Rebelution take the stage, so will everyone in their respective living rooms.

For just under five hours on March 24th, myLive Ticket will be streaming each band’s performance, as well as interviews between set changes. If you were someone who didn’t make it into the sold out venues across the country for one of Rebelution’s ongoing 42-dates on the Peace of Mind Tour, this is your golden ticket! The price for admission is nowhere near typical face value ticket prices, or even album prices. With a small donation of $5.99, viewers will have the option of selecting one of six charities chosen by the artists.
The options are:
World Food Programme,
A Good Idea,
Earth Day Network,
Green Peace,
UC Irvine Cancer Research Center
Kauai Big Brothers,
Big Sisters

The $5.99 donation allows viewers to stream the entire high definition and multi-angle audio and video footage, as well as interviews with each band between sets, including answering questions submitted by you, the fans, via social networks. With the combined fan bases of all the artists performing at the historical Congress Theatre exceeding 700,000 music lovers, the donations alone from this community could be a stunning spike for each of the six charities chosen.

Not only is this an opportunity to experience some of the preeminent performers in the reggae community, but this is also an opportunity to help out others in need. The backbone of reggae music is being ever-conscious. It’s all about love. It’s all about coming together for a stronger and better good. Now is the time to stand up and help.

Donation link: CLICK HERE
myLive Ticket Website: CLICK HERE

Article By: Kris Siuta

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