Rebelution’s Reddit AMA Recap

Rebelution’s Reddit AMA Recap

Eric Rachmany of Rebelution entered the internet for an interactive chat with fans on Reddit. Rachmany answered user submitted questions on topics ranging from the release of new music, canceling their Euro-tour, Sublime with Rome, the lead singer’s take on politics and the HBO show Silicon Valley.

Rebelution will set off on a 33-show summer tour with Sublime with Rome, Pepper and Mickey Avalon. Rebelution’s Reddit “Ask Me Anything” took place last Wednesday June 3rd at 2:00pm (PT). The whole line up for the summer tour took part in this AMA with Mickey Avalon doing his June 4th at 2PM, Pepper June 5th at 2PM and Sublime With Rome June 6th at 2pm. We’ll have Recaps for each AMA to let you fans know what was discussed.

The unique format led to some interesting answers from Rachmany. Here are some of the more insightful snippets the Isla Vista-based band provided their online following.

Rebelution’s Reddit AMA Recap

Rachmany on touring with Sublime without Brad Nowell…
“I really like Sublime with Rome… I think Rome is very talented from what I’ve seen. I’m really excited to hear some of their new material as well. I don’t really agree that it is an insult to Brad’s memory. People will be singing and rejoicing at the shows. There’s no better way to commemorate his life in my opinion.”

Rachmany on the current state of the reggae scene and upcoming musical projects…
“I still feel like this genre is still underground compared to the rest of the music that’s dominating this country. I believe this music will continue to grow just as it has. I’m currently working on a side project with DJ AmpLive and also another project that’s more acoustic rock/folk called Tone Down. Look for them!”EricRachmanyLive_KitChalberg

Rachmany on canceled shows in Europe…
“We couldn’t afford it. We are trying to play Europe more but this time just wasn’t realistic. So sorry to cancel! We hope to come back sometime in 2015.”

Rachmany on being a voice for more than reggae music…
“I am very passionate about separating church and state in this country and I choose to talk about it in our music because it weighs on my mind often. I simply want to bring up the discussion through our music. I often consider myself an educator, not a leader. We are always open to donating our music and services to a cause we feel strongly about. I’m not involved in a gun control or anti creationism cause to be specific but when Rebelution can make a donation or give back we find 4 separate charities us 4 original members feel connected to.”

Rachmany on changing the world…
“I would get corporate and private interest out of politics. Money fuels the leaders of this world and the rest suffer because of it.”

Rachmany on current TV and Music recommendations..
“I really like Silicon Valley! Great show. Hilarious! I’m really into Chronixx, Protoje, Keznamdi, Dre Island, and Mellow Mood right now.”

Rebelution just played the Wakarusa Festival on June 7 in Ozark, Arkansas. The aforementioned summer tour kicks off on July 16th in Chula Vista, California. Active since 2004, Rachmany and bandmates Rory Carey (Keyboards), Marley D. Williams (Bass), and Wesley Finley (Drums), keep an active tour schedule amidst releasing new music. Rebelution’s last full length album, Count Me In, reached number one on the Billboard Reggae Albums charts when it came out in June of 2014 via Easy Star Records.

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Article By: Keenan Donath
Photo By: Kit Chalberg