Reel Big Fish Discusses 311’s 2017 Caribbean Cruise

Reel Big Fish Discusses 311’s 2017 Caribbean Cruise

311 has announced the line-up and details for their March 2017 Caribbean Cruise. One of the groups on the bill is Reel Big Fish and vocalist/guitarist Aaron Barrett tells The Pier about the time they toured with 311 in ’97 as his excitement for the cruise boils over…

311’s fifth Caribbean Cruise will set sail March 2nd – 6th, 2017 from Tampa, FL, into the island paradise of Cozumel, Mexico. They’re taking your average Caribbean cruise and transforming it into a massive, floating music festival at sea. The floating fest will include three 311 pool deck shows; shows by many other bands, DJ’s & comedians; a personal photo with you, your cabin mates & 311; activities with all the artists on-board; fun-in-the-sun with 2,700 other music fans – plus a list of incredible on-board amenities.
Joining 311 with live music will be Rebelution, Reel Big Fish, Stick Figure, People Under the Stairs, Ballyhoo!, RDGLDGRN, Los Stellarians (side project of 311’s SA Martinez), and Beastie Boys tribute group, ILL Communication.

What stood-out to me on this line-up is Reel Big Fish who, a long with 311, experienced mainstream success in the mid ’90’s. As I was thinking of these 2 fantastic groups that are still around crushing shows today as they did in the ’90’s, I couldn’t recall a time where the two had ever really toured together; which makes this floating festival line-up all the more appealing! You have music that has lasted decades that will be performed by ska-rockers, Reel Big Fish, the hip-hop group The People Under The Stairs, and 311. On the other-hand, you have the modern day favorites with Rebelution, Stick Figure, Ballyhoo! & RDGLDGRN providing balance to a line-up that happens to be aboard the Norwegian Jade headed for the Caribbean.

I caught up with Reel Big Fish front-man, Aaron Barrett, and asked if their paths had ever crossed and he shared his first impression of 311, along with a story of the one time they toured together:

“My first memory of 311 is hearing ‘Do You Right’ on the radio in ’93 and going: ‘OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST BAND EVER!’ — We did the 1997 Australian Warped Tour together and there are no tour buses down there so all the bands would climb on to a Greyhound type bus and they would drive us to the next big dirt field where the show was going to be the next day and they would hand out tents to all the bands to set up themselves to sleep in! So technically, not only have we toured with 311 before, we’ve gone camping in Australia together! [haha]”

Almost 20 years to the date of that experience will fans have their next opportunity to see 311 and Reel Big Fish share the stage again, only this time it’ll be at sea. This will also be the first time Reel Big Fish will get to know both Rebelution and Stick Figure: “We don’t know those guys personally, but we are huge fans of their music and are so excited to be playing with them on the cruise!”

311 has pioneered a fusion of modern rock, reggae, hip-hop and has followed that up by pioneering a stage and platform to which music can be played and enjoyed. 311’s front-man Nick Hexum shares: “On our past 311 Caribbean Cruises we’ve had fans join us from all 50 US States & 10+ countries, it’s really amazing to see all of these people coming together and having the time of their lives. It’s really like a big family-reunion out on the ocean. The energy and positivity is just incredible — and we can’t wait to be out there again!”

The floating festival will take place aboard Norwegian Jade which offers guests 11 on-board bars and lounges, 15 dining experiences, one outdoor pool, hot tubs, and a full array of spa treatments. Guests can enjoy access to other entertainment on the ship as well, whether it’s a game of basketball on the sports court, a workout in the fitness center or tempting lady luck with a few hands in the Casino. Plus, guests will have the option to enjoy a day-long cruiser-only excursion on the picturesque Caribbean island of Cozumel, where unbelievable blue-green waters, golden sandy beaches, and vibrant coral reefs are all waiting to be explored.

For information on securing your spot on the cruise visit or by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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