Reggae Rise Up Florida 2024 Festival Recap

Reggae Rise Up Florida 2024 Festival Recap

Ley Lines Are Said To Connect The World (And Possibly The Universe). They supposedly carry with them rivers of “supernatural energy”. At the intersection point of these lines are said to be sections of concentrated energy, which can be tapped into.

By Adoo of Rebel Hippies
It makes sense that St. Petersburg, Florida is said to sit on these lines, especially if you felt the energy of Reggae Rise Up 2024 in Vinoy Park. The easy and obvious recap of this past weekend would be to tell you how Dirty Heads had a Thursday looking like a Saturday night. Or that Rebelution had the crowd singing every word of their set.

Slightly Stoopid

Or that Slightly Stoopid had the whole park not only packed to the gills, but also seemed to have every boat and kayak in Florida pull up to catch a vibe, or that Stephen and Damian Marley put on an absolute clinic in showmanship.

But you already know this…

First things first: there was truly not a weak or lackluster set this whole weekend. The thing about Reggae Rise Up is the thought put into curating their lineup, while producers make sure to deliver on the heavy hitters, they also make sure to give opportunities to truly deserving up-and-coming Florida artists. Acts like Artikal Sound System, The Sub-Herbs, IChroniq, Ries Brothers, Seranation, and Drifting Roots all of whom put on great performances and represented Florida to the fullest.

There is a few artist that really stole show this weekend and truly deserve their recognition and props for the way they raised the energy and had huge pops from the crowd.

San Diego’s Through the Roots energy and showmanship was electric. There was not a single soul in the audience that didn’t leave an instant fan.

Straight outta Washington DC, Dale and the Z Dubs are showstoppers. Remember this review in a few years when these guys are headlining festivals..

Hawaii’s Eli Mac put it down! Her voice, style and connection with the audience really highlighted her natural talents and her understanding and mastery of performing live.

Surfer Girls energy is infectious. Without a doubt one of the highlight performances of the whole weekend.

There is a reason that Fortunate Youth is a staple and favorite in the Reggae Rock scene. You can see how much they enjoy what they do. And that energy transfers to the crowd for an unforgettable for performance every time.

Burning Spear, if you have the opportunity to see this legend live don’t make the mistake and miss it. Absolutely epic in every sense of the word.

Trevor Young of SOJA

In the end, although the artist are the reason that we come to the festival, the unsung heroes are the Reggae Rise Up staff that are kind, patient and helpful and the vendors and the visual artist that make RRU a festival that is a must experience for any Reggae lover.

2025 can’t come soon enough!

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