Reggae Snoop Dog, Now Snoop Lion!

Reggae Snoop Dog, Now Snoop Lion!

Guess who’s back? The one and only D-O-Double-G has hit the airwaves once again, and this time the hip-hop rapper from Long Beach, California has brought the Jamaican reggae rhythms to the forefront.

After being widely known across all corners of the globe as Snoop Dogg, with his new-found love for traditional reggae music, the hip-hop Artist of the Year and 13-time Grammy nominated performer will now be known as Snoop Lion for the near future.

Earlier this year, Snoop announced a new documentary in the works, alongside his forthcoming reggae album titled, Reincarnated, a tribute to the reggae legends and most notably, Bob Marley. When a mainstream name like Snoop is attached to an underground, independent musical network such as reggae, only positive things can bloom from this effort for all parties involved.

With that being said, on July 20th, Snoop Lion released his first track from Reincarnated called “La La La”, which features a classic steppers rhythm produced by reggae legends in their own right, Major Lazer.

Along with Major Lazer’s production with Snoop Lion on the island of Jamaica, there is speculation that Alicia keys, Akon, Popcaan, and Stephen & Damian Marley could all be involved on the upcoming Reincarnated album. But before we get ahead of ourselves, take a listen to the new track “La La La” by Snoop Lion and tell us what you think!

Snoop Lion – “La La La”

Article By: Kris Siuta