Remembering Jason Thirsk of Pennywise

Remembering Jason Thirsk of Pennywise

The music community, especially punk-rockers, took some time to to chill out and remember a legend in a variety of ways. After the recent acoustic show on the 20 year anniversary of his death, the Los Angeles based folk-punk band Hoist the Colors paid a unique tribute to the former bass player of Pennywise, Jason Thirsk. Hoist the Colors recently recorded and released an acoustic cover of Pennywise’s “I Can Remember” after lots of feedback from their live performance of the song. 

JMT-RIPJuly 2016, unfortunately, marked 20 years since the untimely death of Pennywise’s former bassist, vocalist, and songwriter, Jason Matthew Thirsk. But many in the Southern California, and especially South Bay, punk-scene found ways to celebrate and remember the punk legend. Well known bands from the region got together to perform an acoustic memorial show at the Standing Room in Hermosa Beach. Pennywise and 98MUTE joined the party for a moving night of music dedicated to Jason Thirsk.

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To close out the band’s set, Hoist the Colors chose to cover “I Can Remember” from Pennywise’s 2014 full-length album Yesterdays. “I Can Remember” is one of the many songs featured on Yesterdays as a previously unreleased composition by Jason. Hoist the Colors took the acoustic show as opportunity to cover the song with their own touch, and decided to take it one step further after the live performance.

“We closed our set with ‘I Can Remember,’ a song that we love and that seemed fitting for the occasion. Afterwards, we really wanted to capture our version of this amazing song as a tribute to Jason and Pennywise. We never knew Jason personally, but we were inspired by his music. His memory lives on, not just in those who knew and loved him, but in the countless punk rock kids across the country who heard his songs and either felt something, or – like us – picked up instruments and started writing songs of our own. We are honored to be a small part in preserving his legacy.”
– Josh Linden, Vocals and Mandolin, Hoist The Colors

Hoist The Colors previously released their 2nd studio album on Hardline Entertainment and has scheduled their new upcoming album, Mourners, on September 23rd again through Hardline. Stream or download “I Can Remember” by Hoist the Colors for free HERE!

Pennywise is prepping for their About Time tour starting in the fall. The band will be performing their album, About Time, in its entirety alongside other punkers Strung Out and Unwritten Law. You can find upcoming Pennywise tour dates below.

Pennywise Tour Dates

Article By: Eric Schoep

Hoist The Colors-I Can Remember