Review: 311 – Amber Ale (Beer)

Review: 311 – Amber Ale (Beer)

311 – Amber Ale (Beer)

311-Amber-Ale-LogoAmerican Amber/Red Ale
5.7% ABV

Release Date: June 2015 (Online release March 2017)
Released Via: Rock Brothers Brewing
Additional Collaboration With: Cigar City Brewing, Nebraska Brewing, Luekens Liquors Online
Official Website: Rock Brothers Brewing

The Pier Beer Rating:

Historical Background:

The planning process for 311 Amber Ale actually began several years ago, and finding the right brewers to take care of the job was an essential part of the process that proved to be a bit lengthy. The band wanted the beverage to reflect “great taste with a bit of complexity.” Enter the Tampa, FL based Rock Brothers Brewing, who came along “with an authentic model that made it possible for the band to make the beer they wanted.” Nebraska Brewing also teamed up to get in the mix and was a natural fit as well given the fact that 311 originated in Omaha.

311 had offered up the beverage for tasting at a few special events over the years, and was first made available for sampling at 311’s special concerts in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay over 4th of July weekend in 2015. Following the Vegas performances, it was also made available at a few events in Omaha and Los Angeles later that Summer, moved on to being available on tap in select bars and restaurants across a couple of cities and slowly worked its way to hitting the market in 2016 in scattered areas and locations.

However, much to the delight of 311 fans and beer enthusiasts across many states (including us Northern Virginia folk), 311 and Rock Brothers Brewing recently announced on 311 Day that customers would be able to order the beverage online via Luekens Liquors to allow aspiring customers to place orders in shipments of cans in 6-packs or cases of 24 to a destination of their choosing. Cases were also discounted to $31.11 on March 11, 2017 in celebration of 311 Day –- shipping prices were not included however. If you are lucky enough to have gotten your hands on a shipment, drink up and enjoy! And if not, check back for availability at Luekens Liquors Online by clicking HERE!

Design & Can Specifications:
The can features a sleek design and color scheme of red and gold accents. The can of course also incorporates lyrics from the hit track, “Amber” -– utilizing two separate verses from the song “Brainstorm, take me away from the norm/I got to tell you something” as well as “This phenomenon, had to put it in a song, and it goes like…”

Deep in the background of the can if you look closely enough fans can decipher the enlarged classic 311 logo. Below is the design of the can in its entirety, but in the fine print you will find the following message that is outlined on the can itself to provide an elevator pitch of insight regarding the ingredients and how 311 Amber Ale came to life:
“In celebration of 25 years as a band, 311 is proud to bring you 311 Amber Ale. Originally brainstormed in the band’s hive studio in Los Angeles –- 311 and Rock Brothers fine-tuned the recipe with Nebraska Brewing in the band’s original hometown of Omaha. 311 Amber Ale shines bright as roasted caramel malts are blended with equinox hops, bringing subtle hints of tropical citrus and kush aromatics. Enjoy a smooth amber ale with a bit of hoppy complexity. Cheers!


Overall Beer Review:

Numerous factors come into play when crafting a beer, as new releases will always aim for drink-ability and overall quality, which is more difficult than it sounds. Additionally, setting a beer apart from the competition in an already competitive market is no easy task either. The story is always cool of how these releases come to fruition, but is rather deflating if the expectations aren’t up to par once the release occurs. However, this one has a happy ending as 311 Amber Ale is certainly an enjoyable one!

311 Amber Ale pours a golden-amber color with a white head, perhaps coinciding with the color scheme of the can. One could even say “shades of gold display naturally” (nailed it). The hops are absolutely noticeable with each sip — or drink or gulp — but they aren’t overwhelmingly excessive. Caramel and malt accents are also evident, and the beer includes an earthy finish with almost a forest-like aroma. Drink-ability is pretty strong with this one!

311 Amber Ale has plenty of substance to give itself its own identity and beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs should be pleased with the finished product. Serve in a pint glass or shaker, or just drink from the can old fashioned style. Crack open a cold one and throw on your favorite 311 tunes as you enjoy this mighty fine beverage. Cheers!

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Written & Reviewed By: Brian Glaser

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