Review: Alific – Dub in the District

Review: Alific – Dub in the District

Alific – Dub in the District
Track Listing:
1.) Full Moon Raid
2.) The Dubbal Vision
3.) No Workin
4.) Campfire
5.) Sun Roots
6.) Looking Back
7.) Poons
8.) Stolen
9.) Tribal Root Seed Dub Drop
10.) Dub in the District

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Release Date: August 8th, 2011
Official Website: Alific’s Website

Group Background:
Hailing from Washington D.C., Brendan Dane is the man with the plan behind Alific. Originally from Athens, OH Alific has moved around quite a bit residing in NH, WA, CO and CA where he spent time as a member of the SoCal reggae group Stick Figure. As both Musician and Producer, Brendan Dane started out playing bass guitar in a number of different styles of bands growing up. In doing so, Dane blends all genres and styles of music, while interpreting his life experiences through the art of music. No boundaries exist for Alific, yet all the music is self-produced and recorded from Dane’s in-home studio.

Brendan Dane believes in the power of music to influence others to learn and use music in their everyday lives to help benefit themselves. Dane’s main goal is to make grooves that will get you tapping your feet.

Album Review:
As soon as you press play, the Alific experience begins. Alific’s debut album “Dub in the District” is a ten-track tour through dub-rock paradise. Each song sounds like a journey, but only two tracks on the album have refined lyrics. The musical talents of musician/producer Brandon Dane are so vast, choruses and chants are not necessary.

However, if sing-a-longs get your fire burning than “Looking Back” and “No Workin” will instantly find a spot on your favorite playlist. If the lyrics don’t get you moving, the keys and baseline certainly will.

Still, separating any song from the entire album would be unwise. The first two tracks, “Full Moon Raid” and “the Dubbal Vision” contain the instrumental ballads reminiscent of a mix between Slightly Stoopid and the good ol’ Long Beach Dub Allstars. The track “Tribal Root Seed Dub Drop” only reaffirms that sentiment.

All the elements of a musical tsunami are present, as each track plays out. The one man wrecking crew behind Alific begins the writing process with wide-ranging bass lines from his Modulus Flea bass, Dane then expands his sound by featuring electric and acoustic guitars, piano and percussions to each track. The beats that keep your feet moving and head bouncing were chopped from recording sessions with Todd Smith in Dane’s studio in “The District.”

Although Alific calls D.C. home, “Dub in the District” should not be restricted by borders or labeled in one genre. There are no boundaries as Alific grabs at aspects of jazz, funk, hip-hop, dancehall and acoustic rock, while using reggae as the main foundation.

This album truly is a full-length journey. From the track “Campfire” to “Sun Roots”, Alific takes your ears across all environmental settings. The added sound samples of a chirping bird, a barking dog, sirens or waves crashing, all intensify the background of each track.

One by one, each song is entirely unique, but manages to flow smoothly, tying the entire album together under one name: Alific.

Selecting one song out of the entire album is unwise. Some songs are ideal for a summertime bonfire at the beach, and others would not be out of place in a Hollywood nightclub.

However, if one track must be tabbed as “Top Dog,” my choice would be “Tribal Root Seed Dub Drop.” The title of the track says it all. So many bands in the Reggae-Rock community have one, or more, of those words attached to their band name, the song plays out with everything you desire from your favorite artist.

Alific might just turn into your favorite artist or everyday soundtrack after you spin Dub in the District once or twice.

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Written & Reviewed by: Kris Siuta

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