Review: Anuhea – Butterflies Live

Review: Anuhea – Butterflies Live

Anuhea – Butterflies Live
Track Listing:
1.) Come Over Love
2.) Crown Royal
3.) Big Deal
4.) Forever Summer (Feat Justin Young)
5.) Ultimate Insult
6.) High On Love
7.) Here I Go Again
8.) Fight For Me Tonight
9.) Higher Than The Clouds
10.) Simple Love Song
11.) Forever Summer
12.) Perfect Day (w/Awa)
13.) High On Love (Bonus Track)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: September 17th, 2012
Record Label: Mailboat Records
Official Website: Anuhea Website

Group Background:
A self-taught guitarist and song writer, Anuhea began showcasing her talents while boarding at Hawaii’s famous Kamehameha Schools in Honolulu. A naturally gifted songwriter, Anuhea’s word choices are a clever balance of emotions where each song tells a unique story, each story a lesson learned. Music has been in Anuhea’s family for generations, so it was inevitable that her seeded passions would reflect the same. Anuhea’s father is from the North Shore of Oahu in the surfing culture of Haleiwa. His younger sister, Nalani is a founding member of the most popular female group in the history of Hawaiian Music, Na Leo Pilimehana. Anuhea’s mother, an Oregon native, comes from a musical family as well and her father is a popular country guitarist.

Album Review:
After listening to Anuhea’s Butterflies, it’s obvious she is a naturally talented and gifted performer with a humble presence and personality. Through all of the tracks, you can hear a comfortable, enjoyable demeanor displaying how at home the artist is on stage. Dynamically, this album travels through Roots, to folk playing, with subtle variations of R&B along the way.

The album starts off powerfully with “Come Over Love”, a funky Reggae number that just happens to be my favorite on the record. There is so much I can appreciate about this song – from the arrangement to the backup harmonies while cycling through rhythm and Dancehall breakdowns. The next 9 songs displayed a diversity in influences and music styles that all make up the Anhuea sound.

The cleverly written “Crown Royal”, a tribute to a past time full long nights of whiskey drinking with the Canadian King. The guitar solo and tone are shredding on this tune, but I could have done without the Keyboard Horn lines. Horn Lines played on keyboard is a staple, stylistic element in Reggae music, so you can’t really knock a band for doing it and it’s a lot cheaper when touring.

“Forever Summer”, the duet with Justin Young, is a stripped down acoustic song with a beautiful harmony of back and forth leads by Justin and Anuhuea. This kicks off the more acoustic side of the album which includes “Ultimate Insult” and “High on Love” proclaiming the relatable “Loving you is drinking in the daytime, not supposed to but I’m happy cause I’m in the sunshine.” – Great Lyrics.

“Here I Go” is more of an R&B track with a breakdown rap of the Salt n Pepa classic, Shoop… which I am sure goes off live, but I was not feeling it. The rapping interlude is probably a huge crowd-pleaser live and I am sure it has its place and appreciation amongst Anhuea fans, but I found it a little cliché.

This is not a style of music that I am particularly a fan of, but after giving Butterflies Live a fair listen, I really do like Anuhea. She has a huge range, clever lyrical content, sings with passion and soul, all alongside a shredding pro band. Anuhea connects with her audience which allows this live album to give you the feeling that you’re there. You can hear the bar, the clang of the glasses & I am sure if you listen really closely you can hear a bunch of beautiful women getting inappropriately hit on. Her fans will love this record, as will fans of the softer side of Reggae/Acoustic singer-songwriter styles.

Written & Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs (of A Sunny Place For Shady People)

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