Review: Audiodub – Love No More

Review: Audiodub – Love No More

Audiodub – Love No More
Track Listing:
1.) Love No More
2.) I Bleed
3.) Sexual Abuse
4.) …And It Goes
5.) Close The Door
6.) Shot Down
7.) Love No More
8.) Fill Greedy
9.) Wasted (Featuring Fez)
10.) Low and High
11.) Sweet Lovin
12.) Nuthin’ For Free
13.) The Marines

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Group Background:
Formed as a Sublime tribute band in 2006, San Francisco’s Audiodub quickly adopted the rock/reggae format to fit their original material. Since releasing their debut album So Scud in 2008 and its follow-up Daytime TV in 2009, the trio has accumulated a loyal West-Coast following. Love No More is the trio’s third album, which they are currently supporting on the road in California.

Album Review:
Although iTunes classifies Audiodub as a reggae band, I should clarify for anyone reading that Audiodub is far from your typical roots reggae outfit, incorporating elements of pop, punk, and ska into sunny SoCal reggae. The group’s sound, though difficult to pin down based on one song, bodes homage to Sublime (and it’s no wonder why; the group used to play live as a Sublime tribute act) through both lead vocalist Dustin Finney’s mellow delivery and their penchant for weaving together upbeat ska-punk and reggae with earworm melodies and sing-along choruses.

The title-track “Love No More” skanks dry and heavy on the verses, boasting raucous distortion on the chorus plus a mean guitar solo. Meanwhile, album opener, “The Story That Never Ends,” easily one of the album’s least notable tracks, lurches over a near stagnant groove, whilst an omnipresent, somewhat irritating synth-line floats throughout the song. Thankfully, though, “The Story That Never Ends” is the exception to the rule on an otherwise solid effort ruled by upbeat reggae and punk music about girls, parties, and broken dreams.

Much like Bradley Nowell, Dustin Finney has a talent for examining the subtle emotional complexities, which may pervade otherwise shallow song topics like sex, drugs, and parties. On “Wasted” Finney takes the listener on a lyrical ride through what sounds like a typical night at a typical party, dispensing stream of thought anecdotes such as “I can’t believe we’re still alive/our adolescence faded,” reminding listeners such as myself of our own nights of wild fun and blurred memories.

A certain tenderness, like the nostalgia of “Wasted,” permeates much of the album, from the one-night stand anthem “Sexual Abuse” to “Fill Greedy,” a punk rock tirade on kids that ruled high school falling into financial ruin. Although most fans and critics would suspect a punk rock track on such content to be a preachy sermon on the ultimate impermanence of adolescent social hierarchy, Audiodub takes a sympathetic approach towards the suffering of the track’s main characters Tommy and Jenny, mourning the hardships that adult life and maturity may wreak upon some of its more unsuspecting victims.

Overall, Love No More is a catchy album, well-varied stylistically for listeners who might get bored with stricter adherence to a single genre, though strung together by enough consistent elements to still sound like a coherent album. Laid-back, straight ahead reggae tracks like “And It Goes…” “Close The Door,” and “I Bleed” will make excellent additions to your BBQ playlist for next summer, while the energetic ska-punk of “Love No More” and album closer “The Marines” can help keep your blood warm during the oncoming winter months. Although there are a few low points throughout the album, many of these are easily overshadowed by the recommended tracks above, providing a solid effort from a solid band that can more likely than not be counted on for a few more decent albums in years to come.

Written & Reviewed by:
Chris Castro

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