Review: Authority Zero – Less Rhythm More Booze

Review: Authority Zero – Less Rhythm More Booze

Authority Zero – Less Rhythm More Booze
Track Listing:
1.) Prelude
2.) Liberateducation
3.) Carpe Diem
4.) Movement
5.) Break The Mold
6.) No Regrets
7.) Crashland
8.) Talk Is Cheap
9.) The Remedy
10.) Big Bad World
11.) 12:34
12.) Wake Up Call
13.) Break Free
14.) Drunken Sailor
15.) Get It Right
16.) Courage
17.) Rattlin’ Dog
18.) One More Season (remix)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: January 31st, 2012
Record Label: Suburban Noize Records / Viking Funeral Records
Official Website: Authority Zero’s Website

Group Background:
In 1994 Authority Zero formed initially as a trio of high school friends in Mesa, Arizona. When they got to hear the voice and witty lyrics of Jason Devore, the trio quickly grew into a foursome. Since then Authority Zero has always seemed to go under some transformation, whether it be musically or musician-wise. Over eight persons had previously performed as an acting member of Authority Zero, while they have constantly changed their musical influence over their four-studio-album career.

Since their founding, Authority Zero made a name for themselves not only for their inimitable blend of punk-rock, ska, reggae, and even Latin music, but through their extensive touring. The annual Warped Tour that winds through nearly every state in the nation brought Authority Zero to a bigger fan base. They have also toured with bands such as No use For A Name, Sum 41, Everclear, and Guttermouth amongst many others.
Less Rhythm, More Booze is yet again something new for the Zero’s. The live album and DVD were filmed and recorded at Club Red in Tempe, Arizona. Authority Zero included acoustic retakes at songs off their past two records; 12:34 in 2007 and Stories Of Survival in 2010.

Album Review:
A depunkified Authority Zero stepped on the stage at Club Red in Tempe, Arizona on July 2nd, 2011. Three acoustic guitars were on the stage; two six-stringers and one bass. Jim Wilcox took his seat behind the drums as the lights began to dim and the crowd chanted for the zeros. Singer Jason Devore whips up the crowd as he introduced the Less Rhythm, More Booze theme with some colorful chords on the acoustic. They shortly broke into a song Liberateducation, in which Authority Zero revealed a new, refreshing sound in which paved the way for the rest the album.

Jason Devore’s voice has always struck me as one of the defining voices in punk rock music. Throughout Less Rhythm, More Booze, Devore maintains the energy level he normally would, while the music takes a step back in volume and rhythm.

“Liberateducation” is the opening new song featured on Less Rhythm, More Booze. It is a song about “giving in to change, but never giving up and never giving in” says Devore. Rather than distorted power chords though, the skanking rhythms of reggae and ska take over. By no means does this mean that the music was simplified. About halfway through the song, guitarist Brandon Landelius takes over with some precise strumming and a nice solo.

“Break the Mold” is one of my favorite remakes from Stories of Survival. The difference between the original and acoustic version is substantial, as the original is perfect for the concert mosher while the acoustic version turns the original grooves into danceable ones. “Big Bad World” was the instantly popular song but the original version had already conformed to a slower tempo.

After sixteen songs, Authority Zero closed the set with a remix of two of their most popular songs from their 2002 album A Passage In Time. One More Season is a mash up between their songs “Over Seasons” and “One More Minute”. Although it was an acoustic performance, the progressive rhythm and upbeat harmony along with Devore’s voice really boosted the energy level.

Overall, Authority Zero was triumphant in taking a new musical path. For those who love acoustic rock, ska, and reggae, the zeros mashed and mixed as well as restructured many songs from their past discography. Less Rhythm, More Booze should please long-time Authority Zero fans just as well as it should attract new ones.

Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

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