Review: Cas Haley – More Music More Family

Review: Cas Haley – More Music More Family

Cas Haley – More Music More Family
CasHaleyTrack Listing:
1.) MOre Music More Family (ft. Mike Love)
2.) Whole (ft. Tubby Love)
3.) Before It’s Too Late
4.) Hold Me
5.) Man Inside
6.) Will You Be Ready
7.) Hold Up My Heart (ft. Trevor Hall)
8.) I Got You
9.) Big Hope (ft. Freewill & Drew Misik)
10.) Ryan’s Prayer
11.) We Learn
12.) Set Forth Into Motion

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: Nov. 6th, 2015
Record Label: Mailboat Records.
Official Website: Cas Haley Website

Artist Background:
Cas Haley is the Texas singer songwriter who first garnered national recognition as the runner-up on season two of America’s Got Talent. Since then, Haley has made his own way in the music business, releasing three albums since 2008 and touring relentlessly. More Music More Family, Haley’s fourth full-length studio album, was recorded at Steelgrass Farm in Hawaii and co-produced with Tubby Love. The album was inspired following an accident that left Haley without his voice and a lengthy physical and mental recovery. The time off not only allowed Haley to spend some much needed time with his family, but it allowed him to reflect on his music and career.

Album Review:
More Music More Family is a collection of songs about life—challenges, adversity and, ultimately, overcoming. This universal theme is woven throughout the album and infused with Haley’s diverse musical influences, including blues, soul, funk and reggae. In fact, as with previous Cas Haley albums, it is the blending of these two often opposing forces, universality and diversity, that makes More Music More Family Haley’s best album to date.

The album begins with the title track and features fellow singer songwriter Mike Love. The song speaks to Haley’s personal struggles created by following his musical dreams, but at the expense of his family and personal life. The heavy topic is balanced by the upbeat, reggae sounds and strong melody. The second track, “Whole”, features collaborator and co-producer Tubby Love. The song starts out simple with strumming ukulele and steadily builds into one of the most full sounding songs on the album. Other highlights include the funky “Before It’s Too Late” and bluesy “I Got You”, along with “Hold Up My Heart” — which features a classic reggae rhythm, a dash of dub and Trevor Hall’s trademark vocals.

More Music More Family is a look into Haley’s personal struggles, search for purpose and reconciliation. The album offers up an impressive collection of songs and has a little bit of something for everyone. The album is upbeat, full of universal themes and diverse—with, the constants being Haley’s infectious voice and his ability to translate heavy, personal themes into uplifting messages.

Written & Reviewed By: Kit Chalberg

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