Review: Dub Vision – Counter Attack

Review: Dub Vision – Counter Attack

Dub Vision – Counter Attack
Track Listing:
1. Counter Attack (feat. Balboa Becker)
2. Cool Summer (feat. Hodge)
3. Gimme Jah Love (feat. Jimi D)
4. Trod On (feat. Don Carlos)
5. Rebel Sounds (feat. Wadi Gad)
6. Child of Israel (feat. Malika Madremana)
7. Double O Stash (feat. Tony Pebbles)
8. Under the Moonlight (feat. Don Carlos & Hodge)
9. Mind Yourself (feat. Don Carlos)
10. Signs (feat. Maka)
11. Extrication (feat. Gavin Distasi)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: August 2nd, 2011
Record Label: Big Cup Music
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Group Background:
Dub Vision is best known as the backing band for the legendary Don Carlos. They have been touring the world for years with Don Carlos and definitely know their way around the dub music revolution. Composed of a group of reggae music veterans, their first solo album “Counter Attack” was released in August.

Album Review:
This album flew totally under the radar. I can’t believe it has been released for over three months and I’ve just now gotten my hands on it. When I started doing research online, there is little mention of the group and even less discussion about the album. Which is almost astounding considering this is easily one of the most solid dub releases of the year.

Don Carlos lends his voice for “Under the Moonlight” and is the perfect addition the laid back tone of the song. The band is able to utilize instruments not commonly heard in reggae music, like the flute on this track, which adds another complimentary layer to Don Carlos’ smooth voice and the doo-wop like backing vocals. If you like this song, make sure to check out the other tracks featuring Don Carlos – “Trod On” and “Mind Yourself”.

Songs like “Signs” (featuring Maka) and “Cool Summer” (featuring Hodge) exemplify the groups’ ability to incorporate just the right amount of effects and when to hold back. Just because the music is classified as “dub” doesn’t mean you need to go crazy with the effects and make it sound like the mothership is landing to produce a good dub song. Sometimes less is more and these guys got it just right.

The title track on the album, “Counter Attack” featuring Balboa Becker, is full of lush upbeat trumpet melodies and ringing dub effects. It is completely instrumental track, aside from a few eerie voiceovers, without feeling like it. Oftentimes, instrumental tracks leave me waiting for the words to start because the melody is so repetitive. But, Dub Vision takes you on a journey with their instruments and manages to keep the listener focused on their every progression and transition.

This album may have made a quiet debut, but it just shows that not every band is looking to spend all their time and money on promotion and not on mixing and production. Instead, Dub Vision let the music speak for itself, which in the end is the best promotion

Written & Reviewed by: Ashley Allred

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