Review: Ease Up – On The Fly EP

Review: Ease Up – On The Fly EP

Ease Up – On The Fly EP
Track Listing:
1.) With You
2.) Feelin Irie
3.) Blowin Up My Phone
4.) Another Time
5.) Cali X
6.) Til The End

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: June 25th, 2011
Official Website: Ease Up Website

Group Background:
Ease Up is a reggae/ska band from southern California made up of Rico Estrada, Nate Legendary, Will Eye Bee, and D Rail. The band dropped their first EP back in 2009 and they have consistently released one project every year since. The Ease Up have shared the stage with many talented acts and have proven that a DIY approach in this industry still can lead to great success.

Album Review:
Just in time for summer, On The Fly, by Ease Up is filled with good vibes and fun melodies. The upbeat feel to this EP screams out “summer time!” and each track is as refreshing as a pina colada in the sand on a hot summer day with friends. I found this EP to be short and sweet with a little taste of romance, irie-ness, and California love.

The EP starts off with a nice and catchy tune called “With You” that has a nice guitar solo and a melody that will make you sway to the beat. “Feelin Irie” quickly picks up the pace and the mood. At first I thought “oh great, another song about weed” but after the song was over I came to appreciate the band’s story telling skills about partying a lot and smoking a lot.

The next song is by far my favorite on the EP. Not only is it fun and catchy, but I think a lot of people can relate with the lyrics in “Blowing Up My Phone,” as I’m sure everyone has experienced a bug-a-boo before right? Oh! And this song also has an awesome horn sesh. “Another Time” is a lovely romance piece, exhibiting the band’s distinct sound and style perfectly.

The track “Cali X” takes you up and down the 101 on a journey through everyone’s favorite towns. Cali anthems can be pretty repetitive, you’ve heard them in every band’s albums, but I liked how the Ease Up’s version talked about some main Cali spots, but also some that are never talked about. They even mentioned my home town of Lake Tahoe! Brownie points! The last track “Till The End” is a nice way to conclude this EP. It has a very melancholy and nostalgic combination of lyrics and melody. The guitar solo along with the rhythm guitar are perfect, the chorus makes you want to sing along and the lyrics put a smile on your face.

Ease Up’s “On The Fly” EP illustrates a clear picture of the band’s cohesiveness and talent. I found it to be a very pleasant listening experience, as they caught my attention with their lyrics as I found they were easy to connect with and the music didn’t allow my body to stay still. The lighthearted feel is perfect, and makes for a good summer soundtrack. I’m looking forward to future projects.

Written & Reviewed by: Mariana “Norcalchika” Rojas
~Let The Music Take You Higher~

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