Review: Easy Star All Stars – “Dubber Side of the Moon”

Review: Easy Star All Stars – “Dubber Side of the Moon”

Easy Star All-Stars – Dubber Side of the Moon
Track Listing:
1. Speak to Me/Breathe (In the Air) (Dubmatix Remix)
2. On the Run (10 Ft. Ganja Plant Remix)
3. Time (Groove Corporation Remix)
4. The Great Gig in the Sky (Dubphonic Remix)
5. Money (The Alchemist Remix)
6. Us and Them (Dreadzone Remix)
7. Any Colour You Like (Kalbata Remix)
8. Brain Damage (Adrian Sherwood & Jazzwad Remix)
9. Eclipse (Victor Rice Remix)
10. Step It Pon The Rastaman Scene (Border Crossing Remix)
11. Money (Mad Professor Remix)
12. Time Version (Michael G. Easy Star All-Star Remix)
13. On the Run (J. Viewz Remix)

The Pier Album Rating:

Label: Easy Star Records

Artist Background:
Originally formed in 1997 for Easy Star Records’ earliest recordings, the Easy Star All-Stars existed mostly as a studio entity until releasing Dub Side of the Moon in 2003. The group, which operates as a collective with a rotating cast of musicians and singers, was put together by Easy Star co-founders Michael Goldwasser, Eric Smith and Lem Oppenheimer. These three have directed and managed the band ever since.

Album Review:
When I first heard that Easy Star All Stars had made another version of Dub Side of the Moon I couldn’t help but to wonder WHY? The previous version was an instant classic among many reggae purists and was the catalyst in launching the group into international stardom. What could they possibly fix on the first album that wasn’t broken? What more could they possibly say? Actually, it turns out they’re saying less.

Most people know that to create ‘Dub’ versions of songs you drop the vocals out, apply reverb and delay to just about everything but the bass, smoke a bowl and start turning knobs (or these days click the mouse on FX plugins). This album redefines the genre by mixing the traditional elements with futuristic vision. The 13 tracks on this album will take you on a lifted journey from classic dubs like Mad Professors version of Money to more contemporary electro-wonk dubs of The Alchemist (Money), Groove Corporation (Time) and Kalbata (Any Colour You Like). Each song is remixed by a different artist and its refreshing to hear each producers take on covering a cover of a cover. The songs are bass heavy and the RE-201 (Space Echo) was definitely kicked into overdrive on many of the mixes. This drippy soundscape is a perfect album for long commutes while stuck in traffic, or even better, decompressing after traffic. Either way you slice it, this album is a must own for anyone who enjoys Reggae/Dub.

My only criticism for the album was choosing this album to re-do (remix). There are plenty of classic albums out there for ESAS to tackle. They have certainly done a great job with choosing epic albums to craftily dubify in the past. It would have been nice to see them concentrate their efforts somewhere else. This only leaves us wondering what is next? Maybe Zeppelin or even Prince?

Written & Reviewed by:
David Foral

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